Housing Ministry to review questionable allocations

Housing Minister Collin Croal interacting with West Berbice residents
Housing Minister Collin Croal interacting with West Berbice residents

The Ministry of Housing and Water has commenced a review of questionable allocations made under the previous administration.

This exercise was embarked upon following complains by allottees that they feel duped out of their hard earn monies for lands they are still to identify.

The issue was brought to attention of the subject Minister, Collin Croal, on Wednesday as he was conducting a series of community meetings in the West Berbice Region.

Initial checks into these recent allocations have revealed that the ownership of these lands by the Central Housing and Planning Authority remains in limbo, the Minister said.

He said this is compounded by the fact that these lands have no infrastructure in place and allottees cannot even identify their lots.

Given the timeframe when these allocations were made, the Minister said the assumption can be made that these allocations were a mere political gimmick.

He said until such time when the review process is completed in the best interest of citizens, a decision has been taken to simply put a hold on accepting payments for those questionable allocations.

The Ministry, nonetheless, reiterated that it remains committed to the delivery of serviced lots, with all basic infrastructures in place, inclusive of fair weather access road, water distribution network, electrical network as well as drainage network.

“We therefore want to reassure all applicants that the status of their applications will in no way be affected and they will be processed in due time,” the Minister said.