Houses submerged in floodwater at Kwakwani

Flooding at Kwakwani, Region Ten

Several houses today became completely submerged by floodwaters as the flooding situation worsens in Kwakwani, Upper Berbice River.

Some residents were forced to evacuate. The Kwakwani Primary School is now serving as a temporary shelter.

The Lamp Island and Waterfront areas are amongst those most affected by flooding.

Flooding at Kwakwani, Region Ten

The Regional Democratic Council (RDC) has reported that floodwaters are threatening communities all across the 6,555 square miles of Region Ten (Upper Demerara-Berbice).

“With four inches of rain forecast for today and tomorrow, several homes at Kwakwani are already completely under water, with the top flat of others under threat from the flood waters. Efforts to mitigate against the impact of this situation continue,” Regional Chairman Deron Adams said on Tuesday.

He had earlier noted that the Regional Democratic Council sought to make a contribution to the relief effort for residents affected by flooding, which was boosted by input made by officials and residents.

“This effort comes on the heels of the recent provision hampers and other supplies committed by the Civil Defense Commission and the President in the wake of the initial response by our Councilors on the ground and the RDC’s appeals for same,” he said.

Regional Vice Chairman Douglas Gittens recently spearhead the distribution of these supplies to affected communities as part of the relief efforts. Residents of Kwakwani were also assisted with cleaning supplies to sanitise their surroundings as well as food hampers by government and Regional officials recently.

The RDC said it will continue to monitor the situation and urge the provision of resources to address the needs of those affected from the Government and other relevant agencies.

The River’s View community is also said to be amongst the worst affected in the Region.

“Apart from severely affecting the living conditions of residents and posing a serious health threat, flooding there has damaged crops and killed livestock, widening the area of response that the RDC has to grapple with. The Council has apprised the relevant authorities of the need to respond to this location as well, and will continue to coordinate these efforts to bring relief to residents here and at the several other areas affected,” the RDC said in a recent statement.