Hospital suicide: man’s family blames staff at the facility


The family of the man who jumped out of a window at the West Demerara Regional Hospital on Sunday evening is blaming the medical practitioners at the facility for his death.

The sister of the now dead 63-year-old Mortimer Sagon, told Inews on Monday morning that her brother was admitted to the hospital over one week ago to be treated for Tuberculosis and Hemorrhoids.

However, she recalled that on several occasions, Sagon would complain of being neglected. “He use to say how the pain from the pile [hemorrhoids] too much and it hurting bad and when he ask the nurse, she does be a pig to him and don’t give he no medication to ease the pain.”

As such, Sagon’s sister is of the belief that her brother jumped out of the hospital’s window due to frustration from the pain he was experiencing. She also noted that prior to this incident; the 63-year-old had never exhibited suicidal tendencies.

The woman is maintaining that had the doctors or nurses at the hospital paid more attention to her brother when he cried out in pain and requested pain medications, Sagon would still be alive.

Sagon reportedly worked for the most part of his life in the interior and he had returned just over two months ago and was residing in Parika, East Bank Essequibo.

He is a divorcee and a father of one.

Inews had previously reported that at about 19:00hrs on Sunday, Sagon reportedly jumped out of a window at the West Demerera Regional Hospital’s male ward. He fell on a septic tank and died shortly after.

Investigations are ongoing.


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