Hospital discharges violent, mentally sick female; Family members fear for their lives



By Kurt Campbell

20140307190505173566-620x349[] – Family members of a 22- year – old female from Non – Pariel, East Coast Demerara are now fearful for their lives after receiving several death threats from the mentally ill woman.

The woman, who family members say has become extremely violent towards relatives and villagers, is reported to have beaten her mother, whom she lives with several times and has broken windows and furniture during her hysterias.

A concerned relative, who begged to remain anonymous, told iNews that the woman has been admitted to the National Psychiatric Hospital at Fort Canje, Berbice several times but has been released after short periods.

“It’s about five years now she has been this way and they keep bringing her back… she is clearly not well and is a threat to society and her mom is forced to put her out whenever she is in this state,” the relative said.

The family member is concerned but is unsure why the young woman is repeatedly being discharged; posing a threat to others.

“We wanted it highlighted so people will know in the event of her killing anybody because she keeps threatening to kill people and someone needs to look into this matter,” the concerned relative said; adding that “I got persons not to sell her any alcohol and she got mad at me and I felt threatened by her too.”

Reports are that villagers have abused the female sexually and physically.

“No one didn’t sign for her to be discharged, they just bring her back and leave her on the road and she is being abused by the male persons in society… there isn’t anything they haven’t done to her… back, front and upside down,” the relative who lives close by said.

iNews learnt that efforts are being made for the police to apprehend the woman and have her returned to the mental institution.

When contacted, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Berbice Regional Health Authority (BRHA), Dr. Vishwa Mahadeo did not respond to this specific case but assured that persons are only discharged after evaluation and along with medication.

“We will not discharge anyone who is violent and the institution works 24/7, so if at any time somebody needs to be returned and admitted, the hospital is open,” Dr. Mahadeo said.

The CEO said the hospital at Fort Canje has some 185 persons presently of which more than 100 persons do not need to be there.

“Relatives are just bringing patients and literally dumping them there,” he said.

Dr. Mahadeo clarified that the hospital’s policy is “once patients are evaluated and found to be ok, they are discharged with their medication… we send them home to come back to clinics regularly and we have clinic across the region.”



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