Home of Guyana Times reporter burglarised

Guyana Times reporter, Kizzy Coleman
Guyana Times reporter, Kizzy Coleman

The home of a Guyana Times reporter was in the wee hours of Wednesday morning burglarized with the perpetrators carting off with a quantity of jewellery and electronics.

Kizzy Coleman who resides at De Kindren, West Coast Demerara and her family are still to determine what the burglars took away.

Coleman explained that the incident occurred between the hours of 2:00h and 3:00h on Wednesday. At the time of the robbery, the reporter was at home alone with her mother and sister.

According to the young lady, she woke up at about 01:00h to use the washroom after which she took a drink of water and went to the living room where she put her mobile phone to charge. She then went back to bed.

However, at about 03:00h, the 24-year-old journalist recounted that her mother came into her bedroom and enquired about her mobile phone since she was not finding it.

“I said ‘I just plug it out. It deh on the table and I put in mine,’ and she said ‘Wa you talking ‘bout? No phone aint deh out deh,” Coleman recalled.

At that point, the duo went out into the living room to search for the phone and it was then they observed that the wires attached to the desktop computer had been pulled out, and the monitor was lying on its screen.

Coleman said that they further observed that the HP Laptop computer – belonging to her sister- which was left on a table in the living room, was missing.

INews was told that upon a thorough search in the two-storey concrete building, it was discovered that a quantity of gold jewellery had also been stolen.

Further checks revealed that panes to a louver’s window located in the lower flat were removed while a few were broken.

“The windows only have grills on the upper section. The person who came through that small spot had to be extremely thin,” Coleman related. She estimated her losses to be about $300,000.  The police were contacted at about 07:00h and statements were provided.

When contacted on Friday morning, Police “D” Division Commander, Rishi Das has confirmed that an investigation was launched in to the burglary. No arrests were made. (Ramona Luthi)



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