Home of Asst. Police Commissioner invaded; Ramotar calls for army intervention

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Former Crime Chief, Leslie James
Former Crime Chief, Leslie James

[www.inewsguyana.com] –Hours after the home of Assistant Police Commissioner and Former Crime Chief Leslie James was invaded by bandits, former President, Donald Ramotar says that it is time the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) assist the police in tackling the issue of crime on Guyana’s shores.

Reports indicate that James and his family were robbed on Sunday morning, when armed bandits broke into their Sophia home. The three men, who perpetrated the robbery, carted off with approximately half a million dollars in valuables.

Ramotar, reacting to the incident said the robbery “tells the grim story of how crime is spiraling out of control in our country,” adding “this is a blatant and brazen attack on one of our most senior police officer. It is a slap in the face of the Guyana Police Force and the government as a whole.”

The former Commander in Chief said that he has noted with much disdain the “casual” manner in which the APNU+AFC administration is handing the issue of crime.

“During the PPP/C period in Office, the Army was called out to do joint patrols with the police in times of heightened criminal activities that worked well. During the holiday season, the PPP/C administration had a programme where the army and police had joint patrols between November 15 to January 15 to minimize the crimes in the country,” said Ramotar.

Former President, Donald Ramotar.
Former President, Donald Ramotar.

The ex-President stated that it is a common trend for the army and police to combine personnel and resources to combat crime; however that notion seems foreign to the current administration.

“I am extremely disappointed that the mentality in the APNU +AFC regime is to keep the army barracks. The trend all over the world is for the army to come out and work with the police in combating crime. As the nature of crime evolves, the role of the disciplined forces must also evolve. The world over the army is doing more to fight crime.”

Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum had stated that despite what is being peddled by some sections of the media, crime is not spiraling out of control.

The Crime Chief provided empirical data that indicated crime is actually low when compared to other post election period over the last decade.




  1. It take all of this and now they want crimes to be taken seriously,what happens to all the other citizens that was robbed and kill.

  2. It is TIME Ramotar shut his big mouth.The police has the ability to solve their problems.This is not the time when the police were controlled by your government.The Army has its job to do,especially with Venezuela in the mode it is in.This Coalition does not need your advice,which is none at all.

  3. I have to take Ramotar.s opinion with a grain of salt. Only six months ago he was the President and the crime was rampant, and nobody was being caught. I would really like him to stop playing politics and come together with the government to solve this issue for the good of the country.

  4. Did it ever occur to anyone here that this alleged robbery might be a hoax to embarrass this new government? First thing before thieves conduct a robbery like that , they always check out who is living there, if the property has money or valuables. It’s called scoping out the building. Do you mean to tell me that these thieves tossed a coin and just robbed that house? wouldn’t they know it was occupied by a policeman who would most likely have a gun? Another thing the ex crime chief was upstairs when he heard a sound, why didn’t he grab his gun and at least fire a shot through the window, don’t you think the bandits would have run? Why did he tell then to take anything and leave? Any rookie police would have tried to see their faces, my friend something is not right here. Remember this is the guy who saw it fit to first call David Hinds all the way in Arizona USA, instead of hunting for Crum-Ewing killers, something stinks here!

  5. I said it before CRIME will only be a problem when it hits home to the very people saying crime is not out of control, this is just one example of how a chance of the government is sending a WRONG message those who think,,,we run things now,,,,these criminals have NO respect for anything or anyone,,its a fee for all, the polizee to busy protecting the the drug lords so the citizens have to suffer,

  6. The current crime chief sounds like a politician??? No wonder the perception is so opposite to what he thinks and say to Guyanese!!! Go to NY and talk to the Guyanese there….everyone will ask you ” what is going on with crime?” ” I scared to visit”…


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