Home of Anna Regina’s Chief Constable burglarized

The house that was burglarized

RCA-TV Reporter, wife robbed

Burglars between Monday evening and Tuesday morning carted off with cash, a quantity of jewellery, several pieces of electrical appliances and other valuables after breaking into the home of Anna Regina Chief Constable.

Rasheed Oullah and his family of Anna Regina Housing Scheme, Essequibo reportedly retired to bed late Monday evening. However, as his wife got up at about 5:30h on Tuesday morning to prepare breakfast, she saw noticed the front access door to the bottom flat of the house opened.

The house that was burglarized

It was this time she realized that a 40” television missing and immediately raised an alarm. As the family rushed to her screams, they also discovered a 110/240 Voltage Transformer, a box containing several piece of gold jewellery, US$250, $90,000 were missing.

In addition, a gold hand band and other pieces of jewellery belonging to Oullah that was left on the dining table were also gone.

Three mobile phones and other pieces of valuables were also taken by the burglars.

Speaking with <<<INews>>>, the Chief Constable explained that the two-storied wooden and concrete building was secured at about midnight after which he retired to bed.

He noted that at that time, it was raining heavily and could possible be the reason for not hearing any unusual sounds.

He added, when checks were made for the locks that were broken off the doors, they were nowhere to be seen. He nevertheless, informed the police and an investigation was launched. The house was dusted for finger prints by the crime scene experts.  No arrests were made.

Meanwhile, on the same night, Shawn Marks a reporter attached to RCA-TV and his wife were robbed just minutes away from their home in Charity.

Based on reports received, Marks and his wife were on their way home when they were attacked by two armed men who took away his wife purse containing his iPhone 7 and an undisclosed sum of cash. Marks related that the matter was reported to the Charity Police Station.

With a ministerial outreach planned for the Essequibo Coast on Wednesday, residents are hoping to get answers from Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan about Government’s plans to address the rise in criminal activities in Region Two

Residents have complained bitterly about the lack of efficiency by the police ranks on the Essequibo Coast.