Holding Bay areas of the Lusignan Prison raided


A joint search by law officials of the Holding Bay areas of the Lusignan Prison around 12:02h and 14:50h on Monday unearthed various contraband items, including improvised weapons, drugs, tattoo machines and cellphones.

According to the Police, in the Bay area one, they confiscated 3 improvised weapons, 4 lighters, 1 cell phone and 1 earpiece; while in Bay area two, 14 cellphones, 15 sim cards, 1 tatto machine, 5 scissors, 48 improvised weapons, 85 grams of cannabis, $3,040 cash, a quantity of chargers, 1 knife,1 chopper and a quantity of razor blades were found.

Moreover, in Holding Bay area three, the joint services operatives confiscated 3 cell phones,9 improvised weapons ,1 tattoo machine,1 scissors,1 cable, 1 earpiece.
Holding Bay 1.

See more photos below:


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