Hockey developmental league restarts after long pause


Hockey players both young and old, over the weekend showed that no amount of time-off could stop them from being highly competitive, as their developmental league restarted.

The league which was put on pause since April owing to the inclement weather affecting the playing field was aimed at developing players at club level.

Months after the league was halted, the players turned out for their clubs this weekend to show that the break has not dampened their competitive spirit.

The Under 19 division saw GCC Pitbulls being awarded a walkover for their encounter with the Saints Splinters. The next matchup saw a similar fate, receiving a head start goal after their opponents arrived late. The Hikers eventually won 2-0.

In the men’s division, Hikers Cadets were determined to come out on top, with one goal apiece from Cove Bowman and Devon Munroe and Jerezeneo Bell, they managed a 3-1 win over Old Fort.

In what was arguably the most exciting matchup of the day, teenager Abosaide Cadogan led her Bingo Spartans side to a 6-1 win over Woodpecker Hikers, singlehandedly netting all 6 goals.


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