Hit – men allegedly paid $2.5M by relative to murder Lusignan Teenager

Dead: Ashmini Harriram


Dead: Ashmini Harriram
Dead: Ashmini Harriram

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The murder of 18 – year – old Ashmini Harriram was allegedly ordered by one of her relatives who paid the gunmen approximately $2.5M.

Reliable police sources confirmed that the hit was ordered after the relative suspected that she ‘snitched’ to the police about where some drugs were hidden. Prior to the murder, the police had seized a shipment of drugs, which allegedly belonged to the relative and one of his drugs associate.

The young woman was shot in her head in Lusignan, East Coast Demerara on July 10, minutes after she disembarked a minibus. Her $8,000 cell phone was the only thing stolen from her.

The story began to unravel when the police on Wednesday (September 03) arrested two young men from Georgetown who confessed to travelling to the East Coast to carry out the hit on the woman.

iNews was informed that investigators were told that one person was hired to drive the getaway car, while the other was hired as the trigger man. The relative who ordered the hit was in contact with the driver of the car and provided him with the details pertaining to the movement of the young lady.

They were allegedly instructed by the relative to retrieve the young lady’s mobile phone. According to the police source, the drug dealers wanted to check the phone to see who Harriram was in contact with as it relates to the seizure of the drugs.

Since the murder, there was no clear motive and relatives were baffled as they noted that Harriram had no enemies that they were aware of.




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