Hindus observe Ram Navmi tomorrow


Following is a statement issued this afternoon from Dr. Vindhya Persaud, President of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha, regarding the coming to an end of the Navratri period of fasting and tomorrow’s observance of Ram Navmi.

Dr Persaud’s statement to Hindus in Guyana reads:

Dr Vindhya Persaud
Dr Vindhya Persaud

Across the country during Navratri, mandirs have been filled with devotees chanting and performing puja to Aad Shakti Ma in the principle forms of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati.  Motherhood in all of its dimensions as well as the inherent resilience, capability and courage of women are reflected on. The importance of respect for all women and the continuing drive towards their progressive empowerment and safety is emphasized. Navratri occurs twice on the Hindu calendar and Vasant Navratri which is currently being observed heralds the Hindu New Year.

The Hindu world observes Ram Navmi on Friday, April 15th. Ram Navmi is the birth anniversary of Shri Ramchandraji, the seventh incarnation or “avatar” of Vishnu Bhagwan. The concept of avtaar is well known in Hinduism. It is our belief that whenever the earth is overburdened with evil, a saviour is born to point mankind to a definite path through which he can free himself and live an emancipated life.  Hinduism records in different ages, divine personalities who were born in dark periods of history and who offered to the world then, leadership of a distinct quality far and above what is expected of the average human being.  This concept doesn’t lull anyone into any false hope that Shri Ram will literally come and relieve mankind of their problems and miseries. Rather, Ramnavmi comes to repeat the immortal message that the infinite Brahma exists in the core of our heart. Knowledge of this spiritual truth invokes divine guidance for every individual to resist evil, assert themselves and strive for a better world in which everyone can enjoy abundance, happiness and bliss.

ramShri Ram lived a dynamic and model life acting decisively on all occasions and serving the people of Treta Yug selflessly and sincerely. He was not only a respectful son, loving brother, dutiful husband, ideal citizen but the greatest Ruler of all times. His implicit respect, obedience and courage remained unparalleled until this day.

At this time while our minds are being conditioned to observe his birth, we must spare some time to read the Ramayan so that his physical life could influence and mold us.  His life covered every conceivable field of human endeavour.  The Ramayan was the greatest influence in the lives of our foreparents. Their devotion to truth and their profound sense of honesty were rooted in the sublime teachings of Shri Ram in the Ramayan. The name Rama has consoled millions.  During his sojourn on earth he faced both pleasures and pains.  But, if we understand the Ramayan, we will appreciate that he transcended both joy and sorrow for he is the embodiment of bliss knowing neither. Lord Rama has enacted the Ramayan and staged it in the theatre of the world with himself taking a role showing each quality as a separate form. Such a Ramayan is taking place today in the life of everyone.

I want to call upon Hindus to observe Ramnavmi with steadfast devotion, commitment and love so that we can be recipients of Shri Rama’s grace which can bring to us the faith, courage and decorum with which Shri Rama lived and served all humanity.  For Shri Rama, humanity was first and their well-being paramount.  It is for the good of humanity that Shri Rama was born. The Ramayan should be more widely discussed and its messages and lessons learnt and applied. Ramnavmi is one of the foremost observances on the Hindu calendar.  The occasion is full of lessons which if adapted will result in morally strong people united in efforts to work harmoniously for the common good of all mankind. Ram Navmi each year must rekindle faith, courage, steadfastness and dedication in all.

All are invited to special Ramnavmi satsangh at the Shri Krishna Mandir, C/vile at 7:00pm and the rama Krishna Dharmic mandir, Barr Street, Kitty at 6:00pm. Pt. Jagmohan Persaud will be officiating.


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