High tides warning in effect


Farmers and residents residing in low-lying areas are advised to be on guard as the current spring tide period will peak today.

spring-tideAccording to a published notice, the Public Infrastructure Ministry’s Works Services Group, in a high tide alert for several low-lying areas, noted that storm surges may result in “overtopping of sea/river defence structures”.

According to the notice, Sunday’s high tide was expected to peak at 16:00h at a height of 3.34 metres, while today’s peak is expected to be 3.35 metres at 16:40h. Some of the areas warned to take precautions include: Zorg, Charity and communities along the Pomeroon River Banks; Zeelandia, Marionville, Good Success, Wakenaam; Success, Amsterdam, and Endeavour in Leguan; Lookout, Salem and Sparta along the East Bank of Essequibo; and Crane to Ruimzeigt, and Anna Catherina to Leonora on the West Coast of Demerara.

Meanwhile, Belle Vue on the West Bank of Demerara is warned, while Water Street, Kitty and areas stretching from Georgetown to Ogle are all at risk, in addition to Helena Number One and Two, Mahaica. Apart from these locations, persons along all other low-lying coastal areas are “advised to take all the necessary precautions against possible flooding”.

The Public Infrastructure Ministry added that the use of beaches and foreshore areas was not advised during this period. The current spring tide period will continue until Thursday, October 20.



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