High Tide Warning


Citizens residing in low-lying areas across the coastal region are advised to brace themselves for predicted high tides this week, since storms and flooding are likely to occur.

According to the Public Infrastructure Ministry, tides will rise beyond the normal levels until August 5.

Areas susceptible to possible flooding or overtopping at sea defence structures include the Pomeroon river banks; San Souci to Sarah and Maria’s Pleasure to Meerzorg in Wakenaam; Cane Field-Amsterdam, Endeavour-Blenheim and Cane Garden in Leguan; Windsor Forest to De Willem on West Coast Demerara; Parika and Salem to Sparta on East Bank Essequibo.

Water Street, Georgetown; Chapman Grove-Greenfield, Mahaicony, and Mahaica will also be affected. It is expected that the highest tides will be experienced on Friday, August 2 at 04:30h at a height of 3.28 metres and Saturday, August 3 at 05:19h at a height of 3.29m.

The Ministry has sent a warning to mariners to display caution during these times, especially those operating fishing boats and larger vessels. The use of beaches and foreshore areas for recreation is heavily forbidden.