High schools to get Cadet Corps


Following up on a commitment made by President David Granger, secondary schools in Guyana could soon see the implementation of the National Cadet Corps, an initiative to be spearheaded by the Education Ministry and the Guyana Defence Force (GDF).
The reimplementation of the National Cadet Corps is the brainchild of President David Granger, who was himself a member of the Queen’s College Cadet Corps while a student there. The objective of the programme is to provide students with basic leadership skills, while affording them the opportunity to travel the country.

Education Minister Nicolette Henry being briefed by Army officials last Friday

The process commenced on Friday in the boardroom of the GDF headquarters, Camp Ayanganna, where acting Education Minister Nicolette Henry was briefed on the programmes by Chief-of-Staff (CoS) Patrick West and other military officials.
Last year when President Granger announced the re-introduction of the programme, he said his intention was not militarisation, but giving the youth an opportunity to explore the country.
“I do believe that in secondary school youngsters should be exposed to leadership skills, teamwork, to sport, (and) to travel.”
All these, the President said, could prepare them for a military or civilian career in the future, as the experience they would gain will take them through life.
The Corps will also provide recreational and learning opportunities for youths between the ages of 12 and 18 during the August holidays.
President Granger said too that the Corps would also play up the importance of teamwork, and all the good traits which come with public service.
The Head of State noted, however, that the National Cadet Corps would not be compulsory, but would be open to all youths.
Over the years, at least three Cadet Corps – the Army Cadet Company, the Queen’s College Cadet Company and the National Cadet Corps were formed, but all had been dissolved.


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