Hicken urges SMCs to focus on intelligence gathering

Commander of 'A' Division, Clifton Hicken.


By Leroy Smith

Commander of 'A' Division, Clifton Hicken.
Commander of ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – ‘A’ Division Commander, Clifton Hicken on Friday (May 30) called on all Station Management Committee (SMC) members to broaden their scope of cooperation with the Guyana Police Force to foster an even more meaningful and working relationship.

Hicken told the members that they need to start gathering intelligence within their respective communities and passing same onto the police in an effort to make the communities safer.

According to him, the public will feel a better sense of responsibility sharing the information with their community leaders and other persons they communicate with on a regular basis.

During another one of a series of meetings with various groups and organizations, Hicken reiterated that the SMCs should look beyond their primary focus of ensuring the proper physical infrastructure of police stations and look at other ways that they can assist the process of police/community relationships.

The meeting was held on Friday at the police A Division Headquarters, Brickdam Georgetown.

He added that since the police already have a standard code of conduct by which they are to operate, coupled with other responsibilities of service and protection, there are some aspects of the job they would need assistance with.




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