Heightened presence of Army around Camp St. Prison…see photos


President David Granger, yesterday, convened an emergency meeting of the National Security Committee at the Ministry of the Presidency to discuss recent developments at the Camp Street prison, where only two out of the 15 prison officers scheduled for the day shift, reported for duty.

The committee was informed that since the deadly prison riot in early March, inmates have become bolder and much more aggressive; displaying weapons and acting menacingly towards prison officers. As such, the officers have become fearful to carry out their duties. This is suspected to be the reason behind 13 officers submitting seven-day sick leave certificates.

Additionally, the Commander-in-Chief has directed the Guyana Police Force to assist prison officers in manning the Camp Street facility and the Guyana Defence Force to assist in guarding the outer cordons of its precincts.

INews photographer, Carl Croker, was outside the Camp St Prison last night and captured the following scenes:




  1. Criminals have do be dealt with like criminals,surprising coi was granted so speedily and all this action,what has happen to the Rodney coi,there is need to go after Rodney murderers too….

  2. Heightened presence of Army around Camp St. Prison…see photos
    Kit better keep a firm grip on their kin inside.
    Once Kin is let go kit will pay a deadly price for it.
    Kin done tell themselves they are like cows going slaughter house so they really dont care where they SPLAT AND WHOM THEY SPLAT ON.


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