Heavy Police presence in Linden for Presidential visit, some 200 residents protesting


By Leroy Smith

Some of the protesters.
Some of the protestors.

[www.inewsguyana.com]President Donald Ramotar today rolled into the mining town of Linden in the face of picketing by residents of that community.

The residents are protesting what they say is the slothful approach of the government to look into the issues which have been of concern to them.

The protest comes as the President and several high level government and party officials traveled to the region to commission a People’s Progressive Party Civic Office which was rebuilt after being burnt down two years back when the residents locked down the community.

Today, Saturday, January 25 some 200 picketers lined the immediate entrance to the Party’s office holding up several banners and plaque cards bearing several anti government and anti PPP comments and statements.

As the President arrived, the crowd became grumpy and uneasy and had to directed by the members of the Guyana Police Force to keep their distance and were eventually escorted from the immediate entrance of where the officials were.

The protestors are scattered in various sections of the com,munity. [iNews' Photo]
The protestors are scattered in various sections of the com,munity. [iNews’ Photo]
Presently, as the re – commissioning of the PPP office is on the way, residents of the town are holding a rally at the junction to the pathway leading to the PPP office.

There is high security presence in the area and while no army personnel have been spotted in the immediate surroundings, heavily armed ranks of the police force are on the ground.



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