Health Ministry condemns Kissoon’s attack on Cuban-trained Guyanese doctors

Freddie Kissoon
  • stands by local and foreign trained doctors

The Ministry of Public Health has strongly condemned Kaieteur News columnist Freddie Kissoon’s attack on the reputation of Cuban-trained Guyanese Doctors.

Kissoon, in his November 18, 2016 column captioned, “Guyanese messengers of death from Cuba have returned,”  recklessly and baselessly labeled the doctors as being “hopelessly incompetent.”

Freddie Kissoon
Freddie Kissoon

The Ministry of Public Health, in a statement this afternoon, said it “stands by our local and foreign trained doctors whose dedication and commitment have become the backbone of our health system over the past forty years”.

According to the ministry, “Cuba has been Guyana’s longest and strongest ally in our effort to train doctors, particularly during the period when other countries had ostracized us due to ideological differences”.

“Our doctors work tirelessly to save lives, treat the sick and counsel patients. This is often done under less than ideal conditions. Some put their own life at risk and have even broken limbs in their efforts to take health services over the most challenging terrains to some of the remotest villages in Guyana. For this, they should be commended and not condemned,” the ministry stated.

The ministry said it looks forward to the continued collaboration with Cuba to train our scholars and holds Cuba accountable for ensuring only those students who demonstrate the standard of competencies required, receive a passing grade.

“The health of every Guyanese is of paramount importance to the Ministry of Public Health and therefore we remain committed to ensuring Guyana’s best minds receive the training, mentorship and resources needed to deliver high quality health services to all,” the ministry added.



  1. At last,as usual. Very late reaction after much prodding by the media.Definitely not proactive or early reactive.The goverment minds seem to function on every thing in slowww motionnnn.Old brains tire easily.


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