Health Minister continues hospital inspections 

Dr. George Norton listening to the concerns of the doctor
Health Minister, Dr. George Norton.
Health Minister, Dr. George Norton.

[] – Minister of Public Health Dr. George Norton has continued his inspection of Guyana’s health facilities with a recent visit to the West Coast Berbice Area – Fort Wellintgon Hosppital and Mahaicony Hospitals. 

At the Mahaicony Hospital, Norton expressed disappointment with the state of that facility after listening to the complaints from the health care providers at the institution and having a firsthand tour of the facility.

 He said while there is a new neonatal unit, but it has no entrance; and to access the unit, one has to make his/her way through the male in-patient ward.  

Minister Norton said he wished that the hospital can be run on a board of directors, or a committee, made up of common people. He committed to visiting the facility more frequently and to ensure that the situation changes.  “We will come and visit you more often, because I feel you have been neglected… let us look towards a better situation and work together,” said. 

 He also commended the staff for their dedication to their job, and for their efforts in continuing to work at the facility despite the conditions. 

Meanwhile at Fort Wellington, the Minister said the issue of limited water resources is worrisome and one that will soon be addressed.

“The availability of water at this hospital is an issue which needs to be looked at as soon as possible, because this is a factor which is hindering the operations at the hospital,” Minister Norton stated. 

Further, the Hospital’s Rehabilitation Department is in need of additional equipment to carry out its function more effectively. “While there are facilities here that are in need of more equipment, there are some which need to be used more, such as the Audiology Department,” he pointed out. 

 The Minister has also visited health care facilities in Regions Two, Three, Four, Six, Seven and Ten, and will be continuing to so in other regions to assess their level of operations and  determine what are required to ensure they function at a higher level. [Extracted and edited from GINA]




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