Health Minister assures COVID-19 monitoring ongoing at dormitory schools


Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony has assured that monitoring is ongoing at dormitory schools countrywide as senior secondary and TVET students settle into the school term.

Dr. Anthony said when the Education and Health Ministries took the decision to reopen schools, they decided to test everyone, anticipating that there would be some positive COVID-19 cases.

“[We] wanted to make sure that everybody who would be living in the dorms, would be free of COVID and because they were coming from different places, we weren’t sure of their status. So, the important thing was once they get into the dorms, test everyone …test the persons who would be working along with them, teachers included,” Dr Anthony was quoted by DPI as saying during Wednesday’s COVID-19 update.

As expected, there were several cases at President’s College and later on at two schools in Bartica.

“All of the cases that we’ve had so far are really asymptomatic, and we only knew that they were positive because we actually did the PCR tests and so, we are monitoring. There are a few students whose parents have opted to take them back home, and we have allowed for that because in our discussions with those parents, we have given them the option of going to an institutional isolation or they can go back home and, of course, observe the guidelines that we have given to them,” Dr Anthony added.

Minister Anthony also disclosed that most of the cases diagnosed among students have been mild, with the majority being asymptomatic.

He said the Ministries’ strategic plan to deal with these cases is being followed, with support in every region from Regional Health and Education Officers.

Dr. Anthony also gave assurances that both Ministries are working together to ensure the safety of students and teachers at schools, DPI reported.