Health Minister apologises for verbal attack against female activist

Health Minister, Dr Bheri Ramsaran. [iNews' Photo]

Minister of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran and Sherlina Nageer during the exchange in front the Whim's Magistrate's Court. [Mark Jacobs' Photo]
Minister of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran and Sherlina Nageer during the exchange in front the Whim’s Magistrate’s Court. [Mark Jacobs’ Photo]
[] – Health Minister Dr Bheri Ramsaran has issued an apology after a recording on him in a heated diatribe with women’s right activist, Sherlina Nageer was released on Tuesday, April 21.

In a press statement late Tuesday, the Health Minister said that the incident was unfortunate and the woman persisted with her rude interruptions despite him avoiding her.

“I shifted away on several occasions in an attempt to avoid her but she persisted in interrupting the interview.It was unfortunate that I was provoked into anger and uttered harsh words at her for which I now regret.I therefore wish to apologise for uttering those words,” the Minister said in his statement.

“Shut your mouth and get out my face….I am not entertaining you….You idiot, we have less maternal deaths. I am a Candidate leading these people. We are going to win the elections and do better….Get the hell out of my face…. eff off”, said Dr Ramsaran in the audio recording.

He went on to tell the woman that she is “a little piece of shit…idiot,” and asked a nearby police officer to intervene.

“I would slap her ass, you know. Just for the fun. I can have some woman strip her right there,” the Minister said in his diatribe.



  1. My dear James. I am afraid you have misread or perhaps did not fully comprehend my comment. I am well aware of the fact that Mr. Rasaran was not there to prescribe drugs or provide medical treatment. However, thank you for the clarification.

    I am by no means involved in any part of politics nor do I support or am I affiliated with any political party or groups. The only group I belong to is that of the Human Race.

    The Hippocratic Oath is not applicable only when a physician is practicing medicine, but throughout his or her life in service to humanity. This includes treating everyone, regardless of race, sex or creed with respect and dignity.

    Therefore, his first responsibility to his fellow woman/man should have been that of a doctor first and then a politician.

    The great people of Guyana has endowed him with the great responsibility of being their representative and his behaviour regardless of your justification, is Wrong!

    Are you saying you condone Mr. Ramsaran’s behaviour? Come on my fellow countryman, I know you have a moral conscience.

    In closing I would like to say: “Rotten wood cannot be carved; dirty earth cannot be used for cement. At first I used to listen to what people said and expect them to act accordingly. Now I listen to what people say and watch what they do.” Confucius

  2. Apologies is not enough for you PNC, a pound of flesh may do.
    Roger Sandhu, and Sherlina was not approach by the politician.
    The man was at Berbice as a Politician and not to practice Medicine or to prescribe drugs or to dispense any medication as claimed by Roger.
    Did Sherlina Nageer apologized for being Intrusive?
    Why did this Pugnacious woman follow the man from G.T to Whim?
    Who was the aggressor here?
    Who approaches who here?
    Did the Politician ask for her Presence?
    Was she right to intimidate the man?
    Was she right to disturb the man while being interviewed by the press?
    Is it okay to approach someone and make accusations?
    Why didn’t she leave when the Politician asked her to leave him alone?
    Is Sherlina his wife/boss to asked him what he’s doing there?
    Why did she question the man about other people marriage?
    Didn’t she use crude language too?
    Was that antagonistic PNC right to PROVOKE the man?
    I hope the police who witness the offence charge her for disturbance and provocation.

  3. The crap of dunce should not be entertained.
    An argument is not diatribe.
    A scolding is not diatribe.
    Guyanese have a saying about provocation.
    If these PNC morons is used to be ‘blagyaad’ and loud among themselves try keeping the trash away from public officials.
    They came prepared to cause anger with camera pointed and all.
    Public Officials should be aware that these people are where they are for a reason.

  4. the uncouth disrespectful one ended up having to “apologize”. what are you sick in the head or just another brainwashed ppp soupie that overslurped the cow-heel soup at german’s?

    a’yuh nah gat no shame and ah sure you won’t mind ordering your women folks to go for examination at his clinic while he sends you to by coconut buns and mauby across the street.

    this pervert should be sent packing somewhere where some male can strip him.

  5. “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibilities”. Well, in this case, it is clearly the opposite, when it comes to responsibilities.

    quoting “I would slap her ass, you know. Just for the fun. I can have some woman strip her right there,” the Minister said in his diatribe.”

    I know we are all human and do make mistakes, and with all fairness, we are only hearing his comments on tape and not that of the other person. But, regardless, as a leader and more importantly as a Doctor, someone who took the Hippocratic Oath to be of service to humanity, has not only abused his authority but has led the people of this Great Nation – Guyana down by showing how much he listens to their voices!

    With that being said, I realize that Mr. Ramsaran has apologised, but to whom? to the public? Did you personally apologise to the woman whom you have humiliated and belittled? and the many women whom she represents?

    There is no need for me to further denounce Mr. Ramsaran’s behaviour, I believe the above article, says it all and I am sure, that the great people of Guyana and those around the world who are proponents of Social Justice would be the best judge of your character and suitability as a leader.

    In closing, I would like to remind Mr. Ramsaran of one of his Hippocratic Oath (which I am sure he took, if he is truly a medical doctor).

    “I will not permit considerations of religion, nationality, race, gender, politics, socioeconomic standing, or sexual orientation to intervene in my duty”.

  6. It seems as if Miss Nageer feels there is some virtue in being uncouth ,ill mannered and disrespectful.Did her parents not teach her how to be civil?

  7. ‘ …. a little piece of shit…eff off…’
    Words of wisdom, poetic, very manly, beautiful, very Ministerial! Very ‘Lallish’
    Then you apologized and spoilt everything!
    Carry on, Sherlina! Fortune favors the brave. We are with you.

  8. Lets read the uncontentious ramblings of the paid PPP bloggers now.
    Kwamie, Rommel and Rima- lets hear your nonsense now.

  9. I don’t care how persistent she was, the fact remains you not only couldn’t control your temper, but based on your words to her, you clearly have an issue with women. You should be fired.

  10. In this age of tech the government needs adress isues oh human needs feed clothe and educate people of ways to improve their liveihood


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