Essequibo headteacher dies following seizure


43-year-old Seroojanie Singh; a headteacher of the 8th of May Primary School on the Essequibo Coast, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) has died after she reportedly suffered a seizure and fell into a drain on Thursday afternoon.
Inews understands that the headteacher usually  suffers bouts of seizures and is usually accompanied by someone whenever she goes on the road.

However on Thursday, Singh left her Westbury, Essequibo Coast, school alone and rode on a bicycle to the Flora Nursery in Dartmouth – a half mile journey – to meet with the headteacher of that school.

The incident occurred while Singh was returning to her school sometime around 13:30h.

According to information reaching Inews, the headteacher suffered a seizure and fell into a nearby drain in Dartmouth Back Street. The woman was reportedly pulled from the drain, and was rushed to the Charity Oscar Joseph Hospital where she eventually died.

According to residents, “Miss Rona”, as she was popularly known, was a single-parent who worked very hard as a teacher to provide for her two children who are now adults.

Singh started to teach at a tender age of 18 and was only promoted to headteacher of the 8th of May Primary School about one month ago.
Her teaching staff and pupils were all in shock after receiving news of her tragic death. In fact, Regional Education Officer (REO), Nicola Matthews, dismissed the school for the reminder of the day after visiting and seeing the teachers in tears.
Everyone described the 43-year-old woman as a good teacher, mother, colleague, neighbour and friend.


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