Heads of Missions condemn Russia’s action against Ukraine

From L-R: Dr. Nicole Giles, Andre Ayre, Bryan Hunte

By Tracey Khan Drakes

From L-R: Dr. Nicole Giles, Andre Ayre, Bryan Hunte
From L-R: Dr. Nicole Giles, Andre Ayre, Bryan Hunte

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A joint Press Conference was held today by the Heads of Missions for America, Canada and the United Kingdom at the Canadian High Commission’s Chapel in Georgetown.

The Conference reiterated the position of the three Governments’ regarding the situation in Ukraine and a jointed call was made for Russia to withdraw its troops or face additional sanctions from the ABC countries.

The Heads of Missions expressed a desire to have Guyana support this position and issued a statement in this regard; saying Russia has displayed total disregard for international laws and rules.

The heads said this will be a way for the Government to add its voice to the conflict and called for a total ceasefire and for all countries to ensure they are on board and against Russia’s invasion of Crimea.

Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana, Dr. Nicole Giles expressed pleasure in the ceasefire agreement between the Ukrainian-Russian borders, but “still remains cautious given Russia’s recent track record of disregarding diplomatic and international order and its blatant violation of its neighbor’s sovereignty.”

She added that Russia’s annexation of Crimea, a territory that has belonged Ukraine since 1954, is a clear violation of the United Nations Charter.

The High Commissioner also explained that fears were realized when Russia “openly began sending troops into Ukraine, an obvious invasion of its sovereignty.”

“Canada finds this unacceptable. President Putin’s actions raise serious questions about Russia’s credibility and its role in negotiating a peaceful resolution with Ukraine…there will be repercussions for Russia’s blatant acts of aggression and decision to disregard these basic tenants” she said.

“Canada stands ready with its international partners to take further measures to isolate the Putin regime.”

Meanwhile, UK’s High Commissioner, Andrew Ayre recalled that Russia’s President said they are willing to find a peaceful solution and stressed that their aim is finding a peaceful solution to this situation and for respect to be shown to international laws.

While, Charge d’affaires of the US Embassy, Bryan Hunte said “We see Russia’s actions for what they are: a deliberate effort to support, and now fight alongside, illegal separatist in another sovereign country.”

He went on to stress that “the separatist fighters battling Ukrainians forces are trained by Russia. They are armed by Russia. They are funded by Russia. Many of them are Russian citizens.”

The NATO alliance met last week with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to show that its 28 nations are united in support of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

This action by Russia has led to the death of over 25000 Ukrainians. The heads of mission expressed hope that the Government here will support its position and call on Russia to desist from its actions which has and is hurting millions of people.

Russia intervened in Ukraine on several fronts following the events of the February 2014 Ukrainian revolution and the success of the Euromaidan movement which led to the disputed impeachment of President Viktor Yanukovych.

Following the ouster of Yanukovych government, a secession crisis erupted in the Ukrainian territory of Crimea. In late February, unmarked soldiers gradually took control of Crimea.



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