Haslington 2 – year – old was sexually molested – Autopsy Report


[www.inewsguyana.com] – An autopsy conducted on the body of a two – year – old has revealed that she was sexually molested. The infant passed away mysteriously earlier this week after a bout of diarrhea.

Accused of committing such a heinous crime is her 15-year-old uncle. The teenager was taken into custody after the child’s death, and has since denied having any involvement with her death and sexual molestation.

The autopsy was performed by Dr Nehaul Singh on Friday at the Georgetown Public Hospital and gave the cause of death as hemorrhage and shock due to multiple abdominal injuries.

Reports indicate that the child was playing in her Haslington yard, East Coast Demerara with her cousins when she had a bout of diarrhea and the other girls called the young man to clean her.

He  allegedly told relatives while bathing the child, she defecated again which prompted him to take her into the upper flat of the house and give her tea, but soon after she fainted.




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