Harvey Gulf opens office in Guyana

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Harvey Gulf Shane Guidry

One of the world’s leading marine transportation companies, Harvey Gulf International Marine, on Wednesday officially opened its first local office in the country at Kingston, Georgetown.

The US-based company specialises in providing Offshore Supply and Multi-Purpose Support Vessels for deep-water operations.

President of the American Chamber of Commerce of Guyana (AMCHAM), Zulfikar Ally, during the commissioning ceremony, lauded the company for opening its doors in Guyana.

“Your presence in Guyana will do more than just create jobs, it will lift industry standards in the oil and marine sectors, improve safety standards and safety culture, and can serve to streamline important aspects of health and safety at the national policy level through collaboration with the private sector and national authorities,” Ally stated.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Harvey Gulf Shane Guidry

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Harvey Gulf Shane Guidry, in his feature address, asserted that the company is firmly committed to giving Guyanese the best opportunities and expose them to rigorous training at one of the top-notch facilities of the company.

“The Guyanese people on board are well trained, no one gets hurt, they operate safe. Harvey’s commitment is the same commitment we have everywhere else, we will not spill drops in your waters, we do not want to hurt anyone, all of our safety procedures and policies will be followed everyday… we’re hiring as many Guyanese people as we can, and we’d love to see the day where it is a 100 per cent Guyanese. We are here to stay,” Guidry  stated.

“We did set up a profit-sharing plan for our employees, so we’re not going to take everything out the country and take it somewhere else, some of the monies made in the region will be put back into the employees pockets to put back into the Guyanese economy,” the CEO said.

Harvey Gulf’s local office, named Guyana Offshore Vessel Services Inc. (GOVS), is expected to build quality links and promote the company’s presence in Guyana’s oil and gas sector with the aim of achieving 100 per cent Guyanese recruitment.