Harper unveils development fund for Linden; Ramotar says Nagamootoo graduated from “neemakaram”


By Jomo Paul

The PPP Linden rally.
The PPP Linden rally.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – As the People’s Progressive Party/Civic continued its elections campaign, taking its rally to the mining town of Linden on Sunday April 12, Prime Ministerial Candidate for the Party Elisabeth Harper signalled the PPP’s intention to establish a development fund for the mining town.

Harper, speaking to a small crowd at Silvertown, said the fund will be fashioned off the Amerindian Development Fund (ADF). The political Opposition is already on record staunchly criticizing the ADF, noting that it was being used as a way of gaining political mileage in hinterland communities.

“As Prime Minister of Guyana, I will work with President Ramotar and the cabinet and other stakeholders to ensure that progress made in the past two decades continue,” she said.

Harper also made it clear that in the PPP/C’s developmental agenda, special emphasis has been placed on Linden which would see the upgrading of regional health facilities and a regional sports centre.IMG_0366[1]

She also pointed to the possibility of Linden becoming an Information Communication Technology (ICT) hub with the development of several pieces of relevant infrastructure.

On her initial platform of equal rights for women and eradicating domestic violence, Harper reminded that Guyana’s women folk have a right to “fair decent work and equal pay” which she said is something that the PPP has made strides towards achieving.

Meanwhile, Presidential Candidate, Donald Ramotar wasted no time in reminding the crowd that the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) is part of the APNU/AFC coalition and would bring about a return to the days of Burnham.

According to Ramotar, the PPP during its 23 year reign has done a lot to develop Guyana and the Party has a proud record that it can stand on, however he cannot say the same for the PNCR.

“The PNC APNU had brought this country to a stage where we had to borrow to pay back our debts,” the President told the crowd.

Further, he lashed out at the APNU/AFC candidates with special emphasis placed on former PPP member Moses Nagamootoo, who is the Prime Ministerial Candidate of the APNU/AFC coalition. Ramotar said that in 2006, Nagamootoo pledged to never become a “neemakaram” and while he has done just that, he has also surpassed that stage.

“He is more than a neemakaram; he is a harrakatie” said President Ramotar.

Working People’s Alliance (WPA) Leader Dr Rupert Roopnarine was not spared as President Ramotar criticized him for his reluctance to appear before the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry (COI).

“Don’t let me talk about Roopnarine…who needs enemies when you have friends like Roopnarine,” the Presidential Candidate said.

Meanwhile, Former President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo was also critical of the Opposition’s candidates as he compared Nagamootoo to Harper saying it is synonymous to equating “chalk to cheese.”

The Former President also warned Lindeners of an impending plan by the political opposition to ban logging, as he noted that the decision was motivated by APNU Executive Ronald Bulkan.




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  2. After May 11, 2015, when you can’t get paid from OP’s budget for being a PPP troll, we will see u in your mauby stand or by the cathedral.

  3. look nuh naaat..is best for poor turnout rather than bus in people by the thousands to talk to the same crowd like yuh daady nagamoottoo ah do wid pnc..same crowd at linden–same crowd at whim…yess look naat..whim,..same crowd at essiquibo..yuh papa nagamoottoo gone hag wile him cant see wha ah go on lol

  4. poor turn out once again because not many in the country want to subject themselves to listening to the fear mongering, race-baiting morally and ethically bankrupt ppp / government tell them lies over and over again.


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