Harper says she is a victim of extortion and blackmail  

Elisabeth Harper
Elisabeth Harper

[www.inewsguyana.com] – PPP/C Prime Ministerial Candidate, Elizabeth Harper stated she has been subjected to blackmail or political extortion by known individuals following a legal dispute between her 36-year old son and his former business partners.

In a statement issued by Mrs. Harper on Thursday April 09, she stated “my son is engaged in his own business enterprise. I am aware that he and his former business partners have been in court in Guyana since November 2014 to settle a dispute that has arisen”

“I love my son dearly and am fully supportive of him.  I also respect his business independence”, the releases added.  

 She also pointed out that several attempts of extortion and blackmail was directed towards her and the fact that the matter is being addressed by the Court it is therefore sub judice.

Mrs. Harper also revealed emails that she received which made attempts to blackmail or extort her.

Below are excerpts from the email:

From: guayna election [[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, April 06, 2015 8:35 PM
To: Elisabeth Anne Harper
Subject: APNU/AFC are offering me US$ 5 MM to expose you and your son…. what say you?

From: info foruSent: Monday, 9 March 2015 1:49 PM

To: Elisabeth Anne Harper

Subject: Re: Acknowledgement

We have still not heard back from him. Should we proceed then Elisabeth? 

On Thu, Mar 5, 2015 at 10:59 PM, info foru <[email protected]> wrote:

I will wait for his response. But time is scarce. We don’t have too many options left. We will pull the trigger if we need to. We need our obligation satisfied ASAP.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Harper strongly rejected any attempt to use her political appointment to resolve the said matter extra judicially or to influence the legal direction of the court case. 




  1. The politics heating up! What a shameful and disdainful act that CRAPNU and the afc have performed here. To smudge the character of Mrs. Harper and her son is a total and unforgiving action and goes once again to enlighten the populace to what extent the opposition is prepared to go in their quest for power.

    The question to be posed to the media and to the main opposition party CRAPNU/AFC is why if this court case was and is public information has it only now surfaced? Why only after Mrs. Harper’s announcement of her preparedness to support the ruling PPP and her willingness to campaign for the seat of the Prime Minister has this private matter become another politically motivated act that the opposition is using for mileage?

    Guyanese, make no mistake! The CRAPNU/AFC party and its members speak about being fair and giving all Guyanese a chance, yet here is a clear indication of the victimisation that they intend to practice should they be given the reigns of power.

    Further, with the emails that Mrs. Harper has also offered as evidence of the criminal acts that the opposition is prepared to go in their attempt at blackmailing also speaks volumes of the characters that are housed in the main opposition parties. However, all is not lost for it is quite easy to track from an exact location where those emails were sent from by the use of the IP address.

    Her son’s business has nothing to do with Mrs. Harper and is completely an independent one being practiced by him. With any business, once there is the exchanging of money for goods there is every chance of one party or the other claiming to be given incorrect goods, or owed for goods sold. The usual and most likely scenario is for it to be taken to the courts for them to decide. Her son’s case is no different and fact be known, payments to the investors in question have been made in keeping with the arrangement. Those are the facts!

    These are also facts. That Mr. Corbin from the PNC party was accused of rape! Mr. Nigel Hughes was involved with tampering of a witness! Mr. David Granger did influence the stolen GDF service weapons and has knowledge of the murder of Dr. Walter Rodney! Mr. Carl Greenidge was solely responsible for taking Guyana’s economy through the gutter and NEVER did any audits on the finance of the then PNC administration! Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan accused the PPP of trying to buy out 3 CRAPNU parliamentarians of which was later found out to be a lie! That the main opposition is also in bed with a known shady character from the Kaieteur newspaper Mr. Glenn Lall! Mr. & Mrs. Hughes along with Mr. Ramjattan benefited from secret back door deals while using their political position to achieve this! That the PNC at election time promotes the use as violence!

    I know come May 11th I will be voting for the PPP. The only question is, will the opposition take their defeat with maturity or will they strike up the drums and ask for the coolies to be kicked out and use the GDF weapons to create havoc and instability?


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