Harper promises Essequibo protection from Venezuela

Prime Ministerial Candidate, PPP/C Elisabeth Harper. (iNews' photo)
Prime Ministerial Candidate, PPP/C Elisabeth Harper. (iNews' photo)
Prime Ministerial Candidate, PPP/C Elisabeth Harper. (iNews’ photo)

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Prime Ministerial candidate of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Elisabeth Harper has promised that Essequibo will be protected against Venezuela’s claim to the area with the re-election of the PPP/C to office post May 11.

Harper, who recently resigned as Director General of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, has played an integral role in Guyana’s defence over the years as the territorial controversy with Venezuela raged on.

Harper visited the Essequibo Coast on Friday, April 17 ahead of the PPP/C’s rally at Anna Regina scheduled for Saturday, April 18. She met with hundreds of residents during a walkabout in the busy Friday Anna Regina market.

She said that a PPP government will work hard to ensure Guyana’s sovereignty and territorial integrity against Venezuela’s claim to the Essequibo coast is maintained.

She also noted that one of the burning questions raised by young people was the issue of limited employment opportunities and pointed out that the PPP is aware of the issue and is working to improve employment opportunities there.

According to Harper, domestic violence is one of the issues she has being speaking about on the campaign trail, adding that women alone cannot address the problem and called for men to come on board to help find a solution to the issue.

Harper also said suicide is another area that will be addressed and that the elderly and disabled will also be looked at to have better facilities so they can enjoy life.



  1. Harper should be addressing real issues like job creation, eradicating corruption, better infrastructure and crime prevention. Where those issues are concerned, SHE GOT NOTHING.
    Instead she says she will protect Essequibo from Venezuela. How? By writing a strongly worded letter to Nicolás Maduro? lol

  2. Vote PPP/C. Let progress continue.
    We cannot allow our country to go back into the hands of the PNC. NO WAY. Guyanese don’t be fooled by the AFC. They are all one (APNU+AFC=PNC).

  3. Hey Smithers your mother is gonna protect you from all big people. Don’t she always? Don’t worry little girl we have Amna Ally.

  4. dont worry with all the fat talk from venezuela..its fat talk for venezuelans only..right now they have guy lines in that country..lots of people –beri beri–white yaaz mouths like how bunrham pnc had we in guyana..venezuela is not that stupid to invade guyana…Venezuela guverment smart enough to know that mighty US itching and waiting for them to set foot in guyana before they give venezuelans the sadam hussein special..remember kuwait ha ha ha


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