‘Harmon will help me manage the Ministry of the Presidency’ – Pres. Granger

Former President David Granger and Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon

President David Granger has explained that the position of Director General of the Ministry of the Presidency (MotP) was created to help him manage the Ministry.

Former Minister of State Joseph Harmon was recently appointed as Director General of the MotP, a position which did not previously exist.

This means that the Ministry will be managed by the Permanent Secretary, the Director General as well as the new Minister of State, Dawn Hasting-Williams.

When questioned about this, President Granger explained that he needs Harmon to help him manage the MotP.

“All Ministers are my assistants but Mr. Harmon in particular, will have a none-ministerial role in helping me to manage the Ministry of the Presidency.

“As you know, the Ministry has several large departments, I’m responsible for Defense, I’m responsible for Energy, I’m responsible for the Environment, and there are several other commissions. In relation to that, there are three large departments, Department of Public Service, Culture Youth and Sport and Energy. These are all very large administrative responsibilities and I need that assistance in helping me to manage the Ministry,” President Granger explained.

Harmon was forced to resign as a parliamentarian, in light of recent court rulings which upheld the law stating that persons who have foreign citizenship cannot serve at Members of the National Assembly.

By resigning as a Member of Parliament (MP), Harmon also effectively resigned as a Government Minister.


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