Harmon to religious leaders: “Engage us on issues of good governance”

Minister of State Joseph Harmon

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, on Sunday evening called on the leaders of religious organisations across Guyana to petition the Government on issues that concern their organisations, congregations and communities.

Minister of State Joseph Harmon

According to a Ministry of the Presidency release, the Minister of State made this call at the 14th Anniversary Service of Prophecy One Deliverence Ministry (PODM), located on Hadfield Street, Georgetown.

“Pray for our nation; that we may grow from strength to strength and [govern] with truth and justice for all [of] our people. Please also, feel free to engage us, the Government, on issues of good governance, national development and any other matter that you may deem important,” he said.

Harmon said that much of the Government’s success is due to the support of Guyana’s religious communities. “It has been a mere three years since the change of Administration brought President David Granger and our Coalition into Government… The past three years have not been easy for us as a Government… We continue our efforts to re-institute systems and structures, to re-establish a sense of morality and decency in our society, to heal divisions that exist among us, and to provide a good life for all [of] our people… We have been truly blessed in many ways… The most important [being] the support of the righteous in our society… through prayers and had work,” he said.

Meanwhile, condemning the prevalence of domestic violence in Guyana, Minister Harmon called on the congregation of PODM to increase their efforts in combatting violent tendencies. “I believe that we have to train our young men and young women to find ways of dealing with anger, with disaffection and with problems in the society other than resorting to violence… Too many of our womenfolk are cut down and are sent to their graves because of domestic violence… This affects the church…  I urge you today to continue to speak to the persons in your ministry. Let them understand that we have to find other ways or resolving our issues, that anger is something that we have to learn to manage and it is not right to be killing people because you’re angry,” he said.

In closing, the State Minister posited that the success of Guyana’s religious people is the success of Guyana as a whole. “Our Government has a vested interest in your continued success, because your success will result in an increase in goodness and righteousness in our society; in moral re-armament and national development and a lessening of the social ills that affect us,” he said.



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