Harmon terminated as Director General of MotP; earned $900,000 per month plus benefits

Joseph Harmon

Senior Member of the APNU/AFC Coalition Joseph Harmon was earning $900,000 per month plus benefits as Director General of the Ministry of the Presidency.

The former David Granger Administration had created the post of Director General specifically for Harmon after he was forced to resign as a Member of Parliament and ultimately as the Minister of State in 2019. Harmon had resigned after the courts ruled that dual citizens cannot sit as Members of Parliament.

In addition to his salary, Harmon received a nontaxable duty allowance of $250,000 per month; a nontaxable entertainment allowance of $100,000 per month; a nontaxable maid allowance of $128,400 per month; and a nontaxable gardener allowance of $65,000 per month.

Moreover, his housing, telephone bills, internet bills, electricity bills, and security were paid for by the State. He also received a motorcar and driver provided by the State or duty free concession of up to 4000cc per three years period.

Harmon was also benefiting from a gratuity of 22.5% of his basic salary every six months.

Harmon has since been informed by the government that his services are no longer required. In a letter, Harmon was informed that “having regard to the nature of the job, which you were engaged to execute, and did in fact execute, it is no longer possible or practical for you to perform those tasks under the new Government”.

Harmon was also reminded of the fact that he was relieved of his job as Director General of the MotP sometime in April 2020, when he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Coalition’s Covid-19 Task Force.

“Presumably, you accepted that decision, in as much as, you accepted the new assignment in lieu thereof, thereby rendering your removal as Director General, consensual and the termination of the attendant contract, mutual,” the letter outlined.