“Harmon jumped the gun” – Fmr AG says no corruption in Ed Ahmad land deal

Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall

By Fareeza Haniff

Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall
Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former Attorney General (AG), Anil Nandlall is baffled that the APNU+AFC government is accusing the PPP of being corrupt in a land deal between convicted fraudster Edul Ahmad and Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo.

Nandlall, who is now a PPP Parliamentarian, told a news conference at Freedom House on Wednesday, December 16, 2015 that at the time of the deal, he was the lawyer representing Ahmad.

He explained that the project aimed to construct a hotel along with a strip mall and international restaurants and that the process was entirely legal.

“I don’t know where is the corruption… I am yet to see where the corruption is…I recall that there were several agencies that were involved in this matter; the Mayor and City Council because they had to approve a plan and they did it; the Lands and Surveys had to prepare a lease and they did it; the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had to give certain permissions and they did it,” Nandlall said.

He reiterated that all legal requirements were compiled with, explaining that “The reason the project did not go through as far as I can recall was because there was a mis-description of the property; the investors wanted an area of land not less than five acres…the investor relinquished his interest with the project and handed back the lease and did what was necessary to give back the land to the State. He did not proceed with the project so I am at a loss in terms of identifying which component of this project reeks of corruption.”

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon at a recent post cabinet press briefing revealed that Ahmad had leased a prime piece of real estate for just $500,000 annually in 2008. The transaction, which would usually take months, was completed in a matter of seven days even while the property was the subject of a court dispute.

Harmon stated that government had moved to reclaim the property – a statement which Jagdeo declared as false – positing that the land deal with Ahmad was cancelled since 2009.

But PPP Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira believes that Harmon was too eager to reveal corruption by the PPP that he misinformed the public.

She told reporters at the news conference that “He [Harmon] jumped the gun and he got egg on his face. He jumped the gun because he was so anxious to show the wicked Jagdeo and the wicked, corrupt PPP that he jumped so fast and so high that he got egg on his face. Now he doesn’t know how to get the egg off his face and he’s saying to Jagdeo, you bring the evidence.”




  2. You really couldn’t make it up…. This corrupt, slimy rat defending that thief locked up in the US and he talking about jumping the gun…. Thank The Lord they were kicked to the kerb in May as Guyana would have descended to hell with them at the controls

  3. “Harmon jumped the gun” – Fmr AG says no corruption in Ed Ahmad land deal.
    Lets hear from Harmoney now. Harmoney said he got to damaging goods on Jagdeo..

  4. How much longer do we have to put up with these senseless bullshit back and forth. Elections are over and not due for several years. Time to govern. All you people know so much and yet cannot prove anything. Keep quiet and build your cases then act according to the law. Enlist Mervin who has so much knowledge of corruption.

  5. Emily Mervin, since you claimed that your PNC is only bent on bankrupting Guyana then you should joined the dictatorship and be an adviser to the advisers of the installed president.

  6. Can’t imagine this land deal was not part of the network of Jagdeo-era corruption involving the previous government.
    Worse, the lawyer for Ahmad was Nandlall, the same guy who met with Oliver Hinckson as an alleged emissary of Jagdeo over remarks the latter made, and after the meeting, Hinckson was arrested/indicted on sedition charges and locked up for several months before being freed without a conviction.
    Nandlall is a known Jagdeo lackey, and I believe these guys have a lot to answer for beyond corruption in high places. People were intimidated, threatened, incarcerated and even killed without recourse to justice. They are soaked in people’s blood.
    Look, Ahmad was approved for property in Ruimveldt for his home depot store. He was approved for GuySuCo lands on West Demerara for a wood processing factory, which CJ Chang in his chambers changed to a housing development. And now this!
    Hey, guys and gals, I don’t care what Jagdeo, Nandlall, Gail or any other dumb house joker says, corruption was key to most Jagdeo-era decisions involving public funds, assets and resources.

  7. Can the Mayor and City Council, Lands and Survey and the EPA please prove where this is true or false on your part? If this is true ,Harmon need to resign immediately. Is the GDF still taking advantage on the female Amerindians in the interior? Those who did please let your conscience be your guide and stop behaving like you are all saints.


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