Harmon encourages Guyanese abroad to return ‘home’ and help develop country


State Minister Joseph Harmon has once again sounded a call for Guyanese in the diaspora to return home to play a major part in the development of the country.
He was at the time delivering the feature address to a large gathering on Saturday at the Signature Grand in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, during Guyana’s 50th Independence Gala.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon

In talking up the pomp and ceremony expected for the mega celebrations, Harmon urged those in the diaspora to return home to take part in the festivities and contribute to the country’s development under the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) rule.

According to a statement from his office, the Independence Gala was hosted by the South Florida Guyanese Association Inc in collaboration with Joy Agness Events & Guyana Sports Development Association Inc where a number of prominent Guyanese who have made significant contributions to development of the country were honoured, including Fashion Designer Sonia Noel, Captain Gerald Gouveia, and Larry London.

Meanwhile, President and CEO of Joy Agness Events Joy Agness said she is excited to be a part of Guyana’s celebrations.

She pointed out that, “A Golden Jubilee is a momentous occasion. I am filled with immense pride to see the intense enthusiasm of Guyanese in the diaspora in celebrating our 50th Independence, not only in Florida but the entire USA and Canada…”

Minister Harmon says he was extremely impressed by the work of the organisers as he recognised that Guyana is still very close to their hearts.




  1. With the high crime and armed robbery situations we see and hear of, that are taking place across Guyana, on a daily basis .. I do not fathom how any hardworking investor (Guyanese or non-Guyanese) who value their hard labor to earn their income and livelihood… would want to support Mr Harmon’s call for Guyanese in the diaspora to return home to play a major part in the development of the country.

  2. Why should I come back when people are getting rob and kill like fly right now and you don’t have it under control. You cannot provide security for your own people. So why I should come back

  3. The useless harmonica–Guyanese in the diaspora to return home to play a major part in the development of the country –is this dude a moron or what ? Why would anyone want to come here and invest while these good for nothing blood suckers are in charge you have to be a fool –unless you want to be robbed and killed.

  4. Not until your government does something about the crime! We are aware crime and criminals are everywhere, but in all appearances, it seems as though the criminals are in control in Guyana. In addition you have to offer REALLY GREAT INCENTIVES; no one will return to work a whole month to receive the equivalent of one week’s US salary, You’re not prepared for the request you’re making.

  5. Yes we need development but who in their right mind would want to return with all these RobberIes and killings. We need to first address it . We need to feel safe in our homes, safe on the streets. More people are now suffering with high blood pressure and other stress related issues . Imagine walking in the Station on a Sunday morning to make a report about a robbery and you have to wait over four hours . Your wait at the Emergency Ward is faster.

  6. In what capacity is Mr. Harmon inviting overseas based Guyanese to return to Guyana, president or minister? Mr. Harmon should be the last person to issue an invitation to those hard working Guyanese in the Caribbean, North America and the UK. What can you confidently offer those persons who have for many years worked 2 jobs to ensure they paid their bills and still had some left over to help family members out? Did Mr. Harmon not see the recent announcement by his government? 1000 passports in 4 DAYS!!! This is enough for any smart thinking person to understand that Guyanese do not have the confidence in this administration to turn the country around and have no confidence that things will change any sooner. The spiraling and out of control crime situation continues to worsen while many questionable back door deals leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of many. Corruption!!! At the time of typing this reply to this article I just spoke with 2 friends who indicated they were leaving with their family for North America next month. In their words, “the only thing good about Guyana is the weather.” So if Mr. Harmon is trying to make the point that all is well and is a bed of roses for those overseas based Guyanese to return, maybe he should look in the mirror and say that aloud. We ain buying it!!!

  7. haha come home for what??? with the state of that country at the moment you are asking people to come home…… while the government is planning to release more bandits form jail to be wild on the streets….. what a ashamed

  8. At such high crime rate meted out mainly to indian business men and women, u look foward to people coming back to Guyana and walk into the hands of criminals.Dream on.

  9. Is this dude out of his mind? From a security perspective this guy is blind,thought the cockeyed one was…

  10. Harmon encourages Guyanese abroad to return ‘home’ and help develop country…
    Harmong here Harmong there Harmong everywhere ..like Harmong gate done gone already –de press silent—the 2 giant independent free press dat it..all the big one at de watafalls could call him is JoeSnaLin —dem friken bad bad bad –its good to see dem toeing PNC line at all times..


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