Harmon denies APNU/AFC behind recount denial injunction

Joseph Harmon

…expects “president” to be sworn in after case concludes

APNU/AFC Campaign Manager Joseph Harmon has denied that the coalition is behind the injunction filed by its candidate, Ulita Moore, to block a national recount of the votes by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

At a press conference today, Harmon indicated that the injunction filed is ‘independent’ and as such, the APNU/AFC cannot instruct its supporter to withdraw the case.

“Every citizen has a constitutional right… We became involved in the matter when other parties sought to be joined and just as the PPP wanted to be joined, we said we will be joined as well,” Harmon said.

“That was Moore’s constitutional and legal right to bring the action.”

This is even as he assured that the APNU/AFC coalition welcomes a countrywide recount of the votes.

According to Harmon, the party will respect the ruling of the court. However, the APNU/AFC Campaign Manager says he expects the president to be sworn in when the case concludes.

“We believe in the law, once the law provides for it, if it is by a declaration by the Chairman of GECOM, if it has to go to court by way of a petition…whatever is the outcome of it, we will support it…We will be bounded accordingly,” Harmon said.

Harmon added: “The APNU/AFC are law abiding and anxiously awaits their president being sworn in.”