Harmon claps back; tells Jagdeo to bring evidence of terminated land deal with Ed Ahmad


By Jomo Paul

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon

[www.inewsguyana.com] – After being accused of misleading the public on the land deal between convicted fraudster Edul Ahmad and Former President Bharrat Jagdeo, State Minister Joseph Harmon is standing his ground and is asking Jagdeo to bring evidence to the table.

Harmon at a recent post cabinet press briefing revealed that Ahmad had leased a prime piece of real estate for just $500,000 annually in 2008. The transaction, which would usually take months, was completed in a matter of seven days even while the property was the subject of a court dispute.

Harmon stated that government had moved to reclaim the property – a statement which Jagdeo declared as false – positing that the land deal with Ahmad was cancelled since 2009.

Questioned by reporters on Monday, December 14, 2015, Harmon said that Jagdeo should really support his statement by providing evidence that the land deal was terminated.

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo
Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo

“I can support what I have said by producing to you a lease that has not been terminated…So if Mr Jagdeo is saying it was terminated, let him produce the documents…I am asking him to produce the evidence that the lease was terminated. I have a firm report from the (Guyana) Lands and Surveys Commission,” the Minister of State said.

Harmon said that the Government would now be looking to recover payments from Ahmad.

“I have asked lands and surveys to demand arrears payment from the company from 2009 to 2015 and the lease is now terminated from December 1st 2015.”



  1. This Harmon fella is becoming annoying. Get on with the people’s business. Act like a matured politician and not a spoiled brat or simply bow out and call it a day. Harmon you do not belong in Government. All we keep hearing from you is accussizations but no concrete evidence to substantiate your claims.

  2. a government with mature people at the helm will stop this nonsense and don’t go to the newspaper everyday and act like the little child with the name calling you either have the evidence and go full steam ahead and charge everyone that was in default of the law or shut the hell up and do the people business if you don’t have the evidence

  3. The government needs to focus on governance than playing tricks. There is court to look into fraud charges. Let the minister work for wellbeing of the people of Guyana we wangrowth, job and security.

  4. This government is not a democratically elected government. Them boys entered the parliament by force. Now that them are in the office just want to sensationalize by spreading rumors in the media. If there is any foul play why not take the matter to the court?

  5. Harmon claps back; tells Jagdeo to bring evidence of terminated land deal with Ed Ahmad
    Its a fair ask since Jagdeo and PPP love to yell bring the proof.
    Well here you have it Harmon seh Jadgeo seh.
    Harmon should be very careful though when asking for things he has no idea of.
    Not because someone told you means its so.
    PPP was set up a few times big time by their inside source that were selling them garbage.
    Many Guyanese already conclude that Harmon is a clown but if Jagdeo stuffed his vile mouth with the proof then Harmon should resign.


  7. To:APNU GOVERNMENT MINISTERS. can you guys learn to be professionals. The election is over. If you all find a currupt situation reveal it without calling names, provided with evidence and reason. Don’t create a back and forth situation. Remember, you guys positions are not lifetime. What goes around comes around.

  8. Sometimes i get confused how really politics work in Guyana. At this stage where a newly elected government is in power, shouldnt they focus on fulfilling their promises? And the opposition should be focusing on correcting their mistakes to do better next time round? Guyana, moreso Guyanese,are still lucky in many ways but we are still bounded by hate and power. With both parties its the same pointing fingers and ridicule throughout their terms, when will this end? If a party has won, do what needs to be done, fix what needs to be fixed because at the end of the day it is your party in power and pointing fingers wont get the job done. Neither parties have a clean record and they both know what was done.

    And another thing…
    Why during election these two parties are only focused on which of them are taking away voters? Dont they realise that citizens indeed need a change but not any of them? Only around election time these other parties emerge and suprisingly they obtain voters too which is enough evidence that both of these opposing parties arent needed anymore.
    In conclusion, i encourage Guyanese not to wait to vote for a change; do it yourself and do it now! We arent animals to be told what to do, we are the most important part in the election process; we are the voters. Lets show these parties the kind of change we want and let them continue to fight.

  9. That should fit right his court. Jagdeo loves to ask that evidence is produced.

    Now he should have no problem with providing same😆

  10. Its a MONEY LAUNDRY scheme, so why are you demanding “arrears payment”
    from a ” convicted fraudster ” ???

  11. that is fair enough let jagdeo bring the evidence and let harmon bring the evidence of all the misleading things that this current government has stated

  12. someone MAYBE THE ABC COUNTRIES need to tell this idiot that the election is over and the grandstanding has to stop, this is not jagdeo or your country. if you are in receipt of a lease you don’t need to use the dailies to do your business either go after the companies that is in arrears in whatever capacity is your position and stop acting like you need jagdeo permission to do so.. STOP PLAYING THE PEOPLE OF GUYANA LIKE THERE ARE FOOLS DO YOUR DAMM JOB. This guy is really overwhelm this government will be wise to just shut this guy up and put him in a corner

  13. If Jagdeo claims the deal was cancelled then show Harmon the evidence. If the evidence is not there then it shows corruption. . Convicted fraudster Ed Ahmad was about to get away like a fat rat with a $500,000 a year land deal. Skeletons will fall out of the closet with time.


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