Harmon apologises for “NO APOLOGIES” comment

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon

By Jomo Paul

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Minister of State, Joseph Harmon is apologising to any member of the Guyanese public that may have been offended when he said he had “no apologies” to make over the salary increases for government ministers and parliamentarians.

When the scandal over the clandestine move by the Government to increase the salaries of office holders broke, Harmon in a solicited comment on October 06, stated that the increases were justifiable.

“We have to pay people well if we want them to perform. I am not going to say that I make any apologies whatsoever for Ministers getting increase in salaries, they deserve it.”

Following this statement, there was public outcry and several civil society groups berated Harmon and the Government over the issue.

Harmon has been out of the public domain since and post cabinet briefings were hosted by Governance Minister, Raphael Trotman.

Questioned by iNews at a post cabinet press conference on November 20, Harmon stated that it was never his intention to offend the Guyanese public.

“I have made a statement, in front of all of you; you would recall the circumstances under which it was made. – I said I had no apologies to make to the PPP,” Harmon stated.

He then offered his apology.

“But in the event that the Guyanese people, if they felt hurt or offended by it, I would say I apologise to the Guyanese people not to the PPP because I don’t think that they deserve it,” said the State Minister.



  1. Who said they are not stealing,examine your brain they started to steal when they are paying themselves for work not done and for going around in circles

  2. Holy Jesus, if you guys have nothing to say don’t say it here. Harmon is totally right . You want people to clean the mess that you lived in for 23 years, and never complained,but you don’t want to pay them. Most of the people in this administration had to take a pay cut to do what they are now doing for the rest of us,and we sit there criticizing them for raising their pay to reflect their office? Did any of you criticize the PPP for the legislation that gave Jagdeo a pension larger than most ex Heads of State in THE UNIVERSE. Get real, they are still underpaid with the increase that they got, The good thing is that they are not stealing it like the former administration.

  3. I for one,was not bothered or affended. about the no apologies statement that was made by the Minister.After all,the Opposition received their raise and others as well.It was rather hypocritical of them to criticize the Coalition when they tucked theirs away,trying to deceive this nation that theirs will be placed into some fund that they had in place for years.The point is,you accepted the raise as well.

  4. Moon a run till day a catch am he run and run and put someone to talk and he too is talking garbage they want start thing that the pppc start ,but the so shame the are call it next name and say is new project apnu /afc means : all people not understand /a fool come to rule guyana

  5. An apology to Guyanese and not PPP. There is no separation an apology to Guyanese is an apology to all Guyana, PPP is not from space. Minister will be best advise to his limits.

    From all this I recognize that the President is in control after all. Stop this party politics and get on with Nation building.

    Increase tax threshold to 100,000 a month for a family of at least three can’t survive with the basic goods and supplements at a value below 100,000 in Guyana. Anything less is poverty. The working class and their families need a better take home pay.

  6. Is this idiot for real. Mr idiot the PPP represents more than 50 % of the population so by saying you won’t apologise to the PPP means you aren’t apologizing to us. Again you are totally oblivious to whom you are addressing.

  7. justinwil you are a typical racist,go away and act civalised you are not in the olden days and no more hapaan gaat so get lost and think constructively

  8. Why should he apologize to the PPP. The PPP should apologize to Afro-Guyanese for its systemic marginalization.

  9. This is sad … this additional pronouncement further encapsulates the arrogant construct of this regime…. Harmon is symbolic of this… he is the face of it !!!!! Is he really committed to coalition politics ? Does he really have Guyana at heart ? To definitively adumbrate “…not to the PPP….” is callous, unwise, foolish and lack of tact. Is this klown for real ? He should now consider stepping down …..

  10. Still arrogant. According to news reports, he never said about not apologising to the PPP. He is such a notorious liar

  11. LOL…Yo Guyanese we is some real dundaheads. We got imbeciles running we country now! I am utterly amazed every time these people open their mouths… Total piffle!


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