HARD TO SWALLOW: Police TSU ranks complain about special ‘jubilee meal’ – of just rice, dhal and pepper


By Kristen Macklingam

Although thousands of persons in Guyana had incredible and unforgettable moments during the country’s 50th Independence Day Anniversary celebrations yesterday, scores of law enforcement officials bemoaned the conditions under which they were forced to work.

INews understands that many of the ranks who operate under the Tactical Services Unit (TSU) over the past few days faced what they deem as “unfair” treatment by their seniors.

According to reports, the entire Guyana Police Force (GPF) had been “in line” as is part of their duties when historic and national events of such nature are being celebrated in Guyana.

However, the TSU ranks were not prepared for the meals which they had been served by the Force while they were on duty. A reliable source close to this Unit explained to this online publication that during the course of yesterday the “special Jubilee meal” which was provided to those hard working officers was basically a combination of rice, dhal and pepper.

jubilee mealWhen one rank refused to eat the food and complained about the meal they were being served it was allegedly recommended that he be ‘sanctioned’ for voicing his concern. In fact, that rank later refused to work on the road during the float parade because he was hungry and not physically capable of withstanding the long hours in the hot, blazing sun on an empty stomach. It was allegedly recommended once more that “he be charged”, said the source.

A police officer told INews that the treatment meted out to the ranks who were scheduled to be on duty at various points along the parade route was ‘unacceptable’ but that they still tried to execute their duties to the best of their abilities.

“The senior authorities know long in advance before yesterday that the Force would be in line…they had ample time to at least prepare a proper meal for us, I mean, we were working so many hours…they cannot expect us to function our best when we are hungry,” he contended.

Meanwhile, attempts today to contact the Public Security Ministry with regards to the above-mentioned allegations proved futile.


  1. Like you en realise that they still waiting on the 20% raise promised to them, and yuh want at least 3 meals to choose from? Grainger en give a rat’s ass; he and sandra eating top shelf. All ah we fall fuh the election propoganda. Now we have people like Broomes, Ramjattan, Trotman, cathy Hughes, Harding….all noble and role models.And to top it all Crum Ewing get medal!

  2. The mess staff can be seen taken away the best of the food stuff every day. They cant fetch the bags too far because of the weight . the officers and special persons enjoy the best while the hard working ranks treated like dogs.I can imagine when this food reached ranks who works at ministers residence by two o’clock in this hot sun.

  3. ” I know for a fact this wouldn’t sit well with President Granger.” keep on dreaming glamourgirl–this is not new this is how dictatorship operate.

  4. Dad management….proper food should be served to the man and women in uniform at all time in such a lengthy hours of duty….

  5. This is unfair to our Police men who risk their lives on a daily basis. The hot sun drains your energy. Standing in hot sun ain’t no fun. These Officers have every right to refuse. Dhall cause you to fart frequently. This is the 50th anniversary these Officers food should have been catered for by a Restaurant. There should have had a choice of at least three different meals for these Officers to choose from. This is an insult to our hardworking officers . I hope they will be given some sort of monetary compensation and an Apology. I know for a fact this wouldn’t sit well with President Granger.

  6. Dee mess hall staff cary home all the meat and the officers have the rest in they house,,will anything ever change in GT ?

  7. WOOP TE DOO,but Celall and Rumjit enjoyed the best, and you wonder why they take bribes and beg everbody for a towel,,,shameful and disgusting,


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