Hanoman, Bhim contracts renewed as GuySuCo heads

Errol Hanoman

The contracts for Errol Hanoman and Paul Bhim, who were retained by the APNU+AFC administration in June 2015 to sit on the corporation’s Interim Board will remain at the controls of GuySuCo as their contracts have been renewed.

Errol Hanoman
Errol Hanoman

Hanoman will continue in his capacity as Chief Executive Officer while Bhim retains his post as the corporation’s Finance Director.

Bhim was retained as CEO after Hanoman had initially left GuySuCo but was replaced by Dr Rajendra Singh in 2014.

Singh was, however, sacked in 2015 when APNU+AFC ascended to office.

Inews understands that the decision to retained both Hanoman and Bhim was as a result of the two men’s prudent skills in directing and managing the entity.

Both men’s contract came to an end in December 2015.

Paul Bhim
Paul Bhim

Hanoman and Bhim had been retained by the administration over seven months ago, shortly before the Interim Management Committee (IMC) was set up.



  1. Maybe they should let you learned gentlemen determine the salary. Same oh, same oh……so many experts and CEOs in cyber world. Privatize and shut the so called experts up.

  2. Retained at what salary?Hope is not at that Albatross stifling amount for a Corporation whose bottom line is perennially in the red.

  3. They will remain in their respective positions until such time as the APNU/AFC administration find some excuse to appoint one of their own.


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