GYSBI aims to hire 150 persons at upcoming career fairs


The Guyana Shore Base Inc. (GYSBI) today announced its upcoming career fairs, in response to the growing labour demands of the oil and gas sector in Guyana.

With the aim of hiring 150 individuals, the career fairs will be held on October 9th at Providence (EBD), October 10th at Uitvlugt (WCD), and October 16th at Enmore-Haslington (ECD) from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

The positions to be filled include: Warehouse Supervisors, Crane Operators, Operations Assistants, Equipment Mechanics/Technicians, and Fuel Storage and Dispensing Operators. Interested applicants are asked to walk with there Resumes, any academic certificates, a copy of a valid form of ID, and one passport photograph. Only persons with a vaccination card or a negative PCR test from within the last seven days will be allowed entry.

With almost 500 employees, GYSBI has already achieved 97% local content.

Rabin Chandarpal, the Government Liaison Officer of GYSBI, said, “Our people take pride in their work and understand their impact on the local community. As one of the largest employers in oil and gas in Guyana, with a 97% local workforce, we are proud to showcase Guyanese talent.”

GYSBI is Guyana’s premier Shore Base, supplying a range of integrated services for Guyana’s emerging Oil and Gas industry. GYSBI supports a range of clients across its 140 acres of development, with highly trained staff, and services compliant to international standards and best practices.

GYSBI is dedicated to the recruitment, development and retention of the Guyanese talent. Every team member takes pride in their work and commitment to their community.

Further information about the GYSBI Career Fair will be made available on the GYSBI Facebook Page: