GWI blames Water Street Restaurants for clogged Sewer Lines


gwi 2[] – The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) in response to a letter titled‘Broken sewerage system disrupts vending at Water Street Mall’ published in the Guyana Times on Friday September 27, is now blaming restaurants in the vicinity for this unfortunate situation.

GWI’s Assistant Public Relations Officer Lavern Fredericks says while the water company regrets the inconvenience caused by the clogging of the gravity sewer line, it is the result of restaurants in the vicinity releasing fat and oil into the sewer system.

According to the Sanitation Manager, “The Company has since commenced activities to resolve the situation that includes the return to service of the sewer station that serves the area and the clearing of clogged lines.” These works were however hindered by traffic congestion in the area; GWI nonetheless assures that the situation will be resolved before the end of the week.

The company appealed to restaurant owners to desist from releasing fat and oil into the system by ensuring an adequately sized grease trap is installed at their businesses and have it managed in order to ensure effective functioning.

GWI’s says it’s Health and Safety Unit continues to monitor all safety precautions and measures being executed at the various sites to ensure that customer safety is never compromised.



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