GWI advises customers to only make payments at its offices


The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) is advising its customers to guard against persons who are trying to commit fraud by collecting monies for various services away from the company’s payments offices. The company is insisting that all payments must be made at one of the company’s offices.

gwiIn a press statement issued earlier today, the company said that it has received reports of persons performing disconnection duties and collecting outstanding payments so as to prevent customers from being disconnected.

“On Thursday July 7, 2016, GWI received reports of fraudulent activities occurring on the East Bank of Demerara between the hours of 11:30 and 14:00. A resident of Public Road, Craig, E.B.D, called GWI claiming that he paid two men from GWI the sum of $6,500 who went to disconnect his water service. GWI was made aware of this when the resident called our office to query if this payment would be updated in our system”, the statement noted.

According to GWI, the resident described the two men as short, plump, dark skinned and of African descent, attired in T-Shirts displaying GWI’s logo. He noted too that they drove a white Spacio, bearing registration number PTT 6867.

The man also recalled that the same individuals had reconnected his water supply in 2014.

GWI said that similar reports were also made by another resident of Public Road, Craig and of Fourth Street, Herstelling, E.B.D, who gave the same description of the men requesting payments to avoid disconnection. The matter was reported to the Grove Police Station at approximately 13:45 hours.

GWI wishes to make it explicitly clear that NO MONIES should be paid to GWI officials on the ground. Instead, all payments should be made to its offices”.

Below are contact numbers for GWI’s divisional offices:

  • Region 2- Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast
    Telephone #: 771-4162/ Fax. # 771-4301
    Divisional Operations Manager:674 – 7483
    Divisional Revenue Manager: 691-0722
  • Region 3 –Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara
    Telephone #: 264-2845/ Fax. # 264-2846
    Divisional Operations Manager: 691-0760
    Divisional Revenue Manager: 674-7496
  • Region 4 –Shelterbelt Vlissengen Road, Georgetown
    Telephone #: 225-5516/ Fax. # 223-8579
    Divisional Operations Manager: 691-0762
    Divisional Revenue Manager: 674-7490
  • Region 4 –Peter’s Hall, East Bank Demerara
    Telephone #: 233-6595/ Fax. # 233-5042
    Divisional Operations Manager: 691-0761
    Divisional Revenue Manager: 674-7495
  • Region 4 –Bachelors Adventure, East Coast Demerara
    Telephone #: 270-1242, 229-6156
    Divisional Operations Manager: 691-0763
    Divisional Revenue Manager: 674-7494
  • Region 10– Linden (LEAP Building)
    Telephone #: 444-2551
    Divisional Operations Manager: 691-0748
  • Division 5– Onverwagt, West Coast Berbice
    Telephone #: 328-2656, Fax. #: 328-2655
    Divisional Operations Manager: 684-9296
    Divisional Revenue Manager: 674-7497
  • Region 6–Chesney, East Berbice
    Telephone #: 322-0477, Fax. #: 322-0780
    Divisional Operations Manager: 691-0741
    Divisional Revenue Manager: 691-0990

GWI added that in the event of the company undertaking community outreaches, it will notify the public. Customers are also reminded that GWI staff should produce their badges before entering their premises.




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