GuySuco’s 2015 target within reach; over 200,000 tonnes achieved thus far

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[] – The Guyana Sugar Corporation’s (GuySuco) current ‘crop-to-date’ total as of 06:00hrs on November 11, stood at 120,385 tonnes, with the cumulative ‘year-to-date’ figure at 201, 528 tonnes.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Errol Hanoman told the Government Information Agency of this development, stating that “We are confident that we will achieve and even surpass this year’s set target.”

Mr Hanoman lauded the sugar workers for their hard work and for putting protest action on hold. The industry has been experiencing excellent weather which has ensured the sugar canes ripen to their fullest.

In enumerating the various estates and their grinding-off dates, CEO Hanoman detailed that Uitvlugt has closed off, and that Wales will be finishing off this week. The estates still in operation, and expected to ‘grind-off’ in December are: Blairmont-05; Skeldon-12; and Albion and Enmore -19.

Hanoman added a further note of optimism, explaining that the traditional incentive for sugar workers is on track. He stated that contingent upon particular estates reaching their targets, workers will be rewarded with their requisite one-day bonus.

In recent years, GuySuco fell on hard times, continually encountering major financial difficulties; in fact, it is still mired in apparently massive debt. However, Government is committed to ‘turning things around’ and once again making the sugar industry viable. Just recently, overall production recorded a ‘highest weekly production’ for the first time in six years.

There was also the just-ended three-day strike, and even though many issues regarding workers’ wages are still in limbo, GuySuco is functioning, at all levels, in a way that suggests better management and futuristic thinking.




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