GuySuCo worker remains on suspension; management decision pending



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Skeldon-Sugar-Factory-Guyana[] – The GuySuCo worker –Steven Daniels – who was recently dismissed by the Estate Manager, Dave Kumar, remains on suspension following an agreement between the Management of GuySuCo and the Guyana Agricultural Workers Union (GAWU) to replace the worker’s dismissal letter with a suspension to allow for a thorough investigation into the matter.

Sugar workers at the Skeldon Sugar Factory immediately took industrial action in solidarity with Daniels after they found his dismissal to be unfair and expressed disgust over the Estate Manager’s continued mistreatment of workers because of his boastful close ties to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GuySuCo.

iNews was today informed that Daniels remains off the job as the management requested time to process the information that was presented by the Chief Labour Officer at a recent meeting.

According to a well placed source, that meeting was held at the conciliation level and this only allows for recommendations to be made, however, if the decisions taken by GuySuCo’s management are not deemed fair to the worker by the union, then the next step would be arbitration where recommendations will become compulsory.

After Daniels was dismissed on the spot by the Estate Manager, industrial action begun at Skeldon and quickly spread to Albion and then to the Rose Hall Canje Estates before the Manager decided to reinstate Daniels.

It is reported that the Estate Manager and two of his colleagues were reportedly on a drinking spree on Friday when at 23:30hrs, several workers were on a bridge at the Dock Mill supervising the offloading of cane.

It is alleged that the Manager told them to move from the bridge, however, all but Daniel responded almost immediately and this reportedly made the Manager angry.

The Manager is accused of verbally abusing the employee, who continued his work but was later informed by a security guard that he has to be escorted off the Estate.

iNews understands that after Daniel refused to leave the compound, the Estate Manager arrived and attempted to hit him. He then informed Daniel that he was fired.



  1. Why is management taking so long to process this case. The same doesnt apply to all, of course I am talking about the recent dismissal of seniors managers at skeldon. Because of friendship with CEO of guysuco,, this case is taking so long. Let the union and workers of the backdam see what is going on……give raj singh a share of his own medicine ,,, strike to send him back to the US to counsel again.

  2. I am so happy that a news cast is brave enough to announce close ties with the CEO of Guysuco and Dave Kumar. So many persons are being dismissed because of this affliations but no seems to care, thus, the injustice continues to spiral into an uncontrollable zone. Hope the president of guyana is taking note,,,, this is a sure sign of of step towards losing the election. Hope that a day will come when affiations with the big bosses wouldnt interfere with the smooth process of the job.
    CEO of guysuco should be investigated for his closeaffliation with kumar.


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