GuySuCo refuses to reinstate sacked employee, calls for arbitration

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Skeldon-Sugar-Factory-Guyana[] – The Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCO) has rejected the Chief Labour Officer’s (CLO) recommendation to reinstate the dismissed worker, Daniels Steven, who was dismissed on September 20 for allegedly physically assaulting the Estate Manager of Skeldon Estate.

The CLO’s recommendation was made in his capacity as Conciliator after two such meetings with the Corporation and the Union; the last being October 1.

The Corporation says its rejection of the CLO’s recommendation is premised on the availability of statements by workers and staffs who gave evidence that the Estate Manager was neither under the influence of alcohol nor was aggressive towards Stevens and that on the contrary, it was Stevens who was aggressive towards the Manager.

“Prior to the commencement of the conciliatory proceedings, the Corporation and the Union signed a Terms of Resumption on September 24, 2014, that included, among other terms, a resolution of the matter either at conciliation or arbitration,” GuySuCo said in a statement.

The Corporation having now rejected the CLO’s recommendation has requested the Ministry of Labour to move the matter forward to the next stage of the procedure, which is arbitration.

“The Corporation wishes to restate, as it did in previous statements, that the Estate Manager in his usual night visits to the factory and mill dock met a group of workers that included Daniels Steven who were malingering in the vicinity of the mill dock and cautioned them to report to their respective work stations. On being cautioned by the Manager, Steven became abusive and was calmly advised by the Manager to heed his advice and report to his work station. Steven subsequently retaliated and approached the Manager in a hostile manner, and in the process struck the Manager in his face. The incident was witnessed by several staffs and workers, all of whom have testified in written statements that the Estate Manager was neither intoxicated nor aggressive and abusive to Steven,” the statement added.

The Corporation pointed out that there were several incidents in the past at several estates whereby employees who have alleged to have physically assaulted their co-workers or superiors have been summarily dismissed without hearing proceedings. The most recent being at Blairmont Estate where a cane harvester had physically assaulted a field foreman, and had his services summarily terminated; without a hearing. This decision was communicated to the Union’s General Secretary, and who concurred with the decision.



  1. So true Joe, that is so true. This estate manager has recently been in conflict with the law, he uses his position as the estate manager to get him out of trouble. He harasses the girls at yhe office. Recently he victimised a girl through a department ent manager because the girl refused his advances. The girl was sent to handle the tougher work tha n her colleagues and yet this man gets away with all these things. Oh boy!

  2. The Chief Labour Office knows the real story, this is why he recommends that the employee be reinstated with full pay.
    The CEO , in his usual cocoon, is far removed from reality and is fed and nurtured with misleading information by , dave kumar. It might be too late when the CEO of Guysuco do get the grip of reality.
    This low life dave kumar, not so long ago appeared in court for assaulting an NIS inspector at Wales. Don’t go any further, just check his record with the police in every district he lived in and you will know that only a blink jack will throw their weight behind this guy. Sorry that a company which is the bread and butter for so many Guyanese is being managed by these clueless jacks.

  3. Why the need to stand by this estate manager who reputation is wretced? The emp, oyees need to understand that all commitments are for the estate manager and I reiterate due to his very close affiliations with the CEO. Indirectly, this estate , manager runs the industry through the CEO. The mere fact that he doesn’t want the employee to be reinstated, the CEO will stand by that decision. Dont fool yourself people, Brian will be fired and there is nothing anyone can do aboit it. Corruption is neck deep in Guysuco. The real story will be hidden and the estate manager side will be heard and published. If an investigation is thoroughly done. You will find out that he drinks under the estate’s house with his compadres who give evidence for him and abuses employees. Explains why! Right now he is enjoying the cream of the cane because of hardwork by Punwah. Let us see what will be the yield next year. Good work CEO,,,,,, due to your management, guysuco is on its last breath to termination.

  4. People, work hard and value your employment.
    Those politicians who are encouraging you are well off.
    Chase them away!
    They are giving you false promises.
    Your industry lacks money and must make a profit to survive.
    Band together and those who don’t want to work, find a way to convince them to do the right thing.


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