GuySuCo defends Skeldon Manager; Strike spreads to Albion



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Skeldon-Sugar-Factory-Guyana[] – Contrary to reports by Agriculture Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy that normalcy will be restored at the Skeldon Sugar Factory; the strike has instead spread to the Albion Sugar Factory.

The industrial action by workers is in solidarity with one of their colleagues – Steven Daniel – who was arbitrarily dismissed by the Estate Manager, Dave Kumar over an incident in the field between the two on Friday, September 19.

According to a source close to the Estate, the industrial action may even meet as far as the Rose Hall Canje Estate tomorrow, after the Estate Management failed to turn up to a meeting with the Guyana Agricultural Workers Union (GAWU) representatives.

The source noted that the Albion Estate has completely seized operations; however, some amount of grinding is being done at the Skeldon Estate.

The industrial action is not only affecting the industry and its contribution to the economy, but the Guyana Power & Light Inc. which has been forced to do frequent load shedding in Demerara and Berbice.

The workers were even more aggrieved after Kumar blatantly refused to implement a number of recommendations which included reinstating Daniel and apologizing.

The Estate Manager reportedly told workers on many occasions that he has the support of the Chief Executive Officer of GuySuCo and in a statement today, the Sugar Company demonstrated its support for Kumar and refuted allegations that he was intoxicated during the alleged altercation.

According to GuySuCo, “Contrary to the Union’s allegation, the Estate Manager in his usual night visits to the factory and mill dock met a group of workers that included one Steven Daniel who were malingering in the vicinity of the mill dock and cautioned them to report to their respective work stations. On being cautioned by the Manager, Daniel became abusive and was calmly advised by the Manager to heed his advice and report to his work station. Daniel subsequently retaliated and approached the Estate Manager in a hostile manner, and in the process struck the Manager in his face. The incident was witnessed by the Agriculture Manager and a Supernumerary Constable, all of whom testified that the Estate Manager was not intoxicated and nor was he aggressive and abusive to Daniel.”

The Corporation said Daniel’s behavior has been recognized as one that constitutes gross misconduct, and such behavior is treated with summary dismissal.

On the day in question, it is reported that the Estate Manager and two of his colleagues were reportedly on a drinking spree on Friday when at 23:30hrs, several workers were on a bridge at the Dock Mill supervising the offloading of cane.

It is alleged that the Manager told them to move from the bridge, however, all but Daniel responded almost immediately and this reportedly made the Manager angry.

The Manager is accused of verbally abusing the employee, who continued his work but was later informed by a security guard that he has to be escorted off the Estate.

iNews understands that after Daniel refused to leave the compound, the Estate Manager arrived and attempted to hit him. He then informed Daniel that he was fired.

Reports are that President of the GAWU, Komal Chand has indicated his willingness to resolve the matter as soon as possible.



  1. the government need to take this guy on a drugs test ,he is a crack head an rum drunk ,how can guysuco keep a manager like this who used drugs an take bribe ,so when he high he feel like he is god as he tell the union rep ,drug test him let the people of skeldon estate know who was their powerful manager was.he abusing staff an firing them ,now he doing it to field workers by using the racial thing how can guyana get up .(our moto is one people one nation one destiny )but dave kumar is dividing it

  2. It would appear every employee on the ground knows exactly what transpired, except the CEO of Guysuco. Many will want to judge GAWU strikes as wild cat, but what GAWU is requesting of Guysuco is an amicable resolution by having both parties off the job while an investigation takes place. Is this unreasonable? Is Guysuco CEO so dotish not to accede to such a reasonable request and allow millions of dollars down the drain in an already ailing industry. But just wait and see how this strike will spiral out and coincide with the no-confidence. The unfair, unjust and unwarranted dismissal of some senior managers by this power drunk and low life idiot, requires a full scale investigation also. By any means this drunken master should have been the first to be fired, but maybe the workers know better .

  3. Big A, nothing is better now so what the hell are saying…read the comments of everybody here. If you are one of his partners in crime, butt then and enjoy the benefits while it last. Long time gone, short time left. Further, learn to write better.

  4. Anybody who knows Kumar know better than to believe that he is soft spoken, respectable, professional individual. He is the exact opposite, being renowned for cliquism, marijuana use, quaffing of alcohol, public brawling and loud boisterous behaviour. He shows scant regard for protocol and routinely breaches the established greviance procedure, with the full backing of the seemingly blind CEO. Dave Kumar, like the CEO, treat Senior Staff like dirt because they have no union representation. Kumar and his backers, meaning the CEO, have sought to do the same to Mr. Daniel but guess what? Daniel has union representation. Lets see how Kumar and the CEO will worm their way out of this one without injuring their pride and arrogance.

  5. Sir, when money is paid, no favour is asked. Daniel must do as he is told or get out. If he don’t take shyte from anyone he can do that at his home with his family.
    Business is successful with the profits made.
    The manager may be an A-Hole. If he manages people who work hard and turn around a piss poor money losing concern, do you think by not kissing Daniel’s A#s will make a difference?
    Make him money, make Guysuco money, so you people do not have to be freeloaders like Linden.
    When you do that he will smile and pat your back, me too.

  6. if guysuco wanna raise the should get raid of people like dave kumar from the cooperation, if the PPP is not shielding him then let the do whats rite not defend him ,it like wolf in sheep cloths

  7. once again this jackass dave kumar proving his connection with the CEO an ppp goons .he fire punwah then brown an ivan because the are honest to say the fact. now he fire daniel .when kumar is drunk he like to show his power even in the rumshop .guess if he had a gun he would kill people like ants cause his contacts is large .this is the GM breaking down guysuco taking bribes an giving out contracts to his highest paid bidders,how he know what( goes around come around )daniel is my home town friend an he dont take shit talk an thats what kumar did to him.
    step in APNU an AFC look in to this matter .investigate why he fire punwah an the rest honest guys that were doing there job

  8. Guysuco, should start running this place as a Business.
    Fire all who don’t perform to 100%.
    Cut off all deadwoods and extra staff.
    If Albion joins, gave no apologies.
    If they want PNC that is their choice.
    We suffered for a generation under the PNC.
    If people can’t learn, they will feel.

  9. this estate manager has often been in conflict with employees because he thinks he is a superior human being , he is brilliant but incompetent manager . I witness him embarrassing senior manager, literally chasing manager from skeldon estate

  10. As I said before, nothing will come of the matter, whoever knows mr…kumar knows that he does not pproach people quietly….if was so eone else, the CEO will get him fired alredy,,, what is taking so long to seee that this drunken ass should not deserve to be the estate manager. Mr. Daniel is man that does not trouble anyone,, sad to see how the field manager and constable is supporting the crack head EState manager,,,but they are smart if thry dont support him…tomorrow they will have to look for another job.


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