GuySuCo COI intensifies; first round to be completed today

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guysuco[] – The Commission of Inquiry (CoI) to investigate the operations of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) has continued its work and will complete the first round of factory visits today July 21, with a five member team visiting the Uitvlugt factory.

According to a release from the Commission, teams have already visited other areas where meetings were held with all levels of staff.

“Field, factory and human resource commissioners held meetings with general managers, departmental managers and some workers. These visits took place during the out of crop period and this facilitated an examination of work in progress for the next crop,” the press statement noted.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, during the discourse, managers were open in their review of operations and took the opportunity to identify obstacles affecting productivity and production. They all shared their concerns for the marked decline in production with consequential losses over the past recent years.

“Teams will be revisiting the estates at various periods as a follow up. In the meanwhile, members of the commission have started consultations with various stakeholders.”

Among those who have already given testimonies at the Commission were Vickram Oditt, Tony Vieria, Earl John and Raymond Sangster. Other individuals from Union bodies have already indicated their readiness to give testimonies.



  1. With government of Guyana holding about 20% of shares and a seat on the Board of Directors. Remove the company from being a political football.

  2. Understanding the TOR of this COI seems elusive all the time…
    For one to conclude on the capabilities of the commissioner to deal effectively with the issues they are mandated to investigate then OTR has to be public.
    In a strange twist i now see that Vicram Oudit has given testimony to the inquiry, i hope he hasnt beaten his chest while shouting out that under his chairmanship the highest production in the history of Guysuco was achieved. But that is exactly what he has done.
    It was Vic who was chairman for the EDE COI into production issues in 2007, from what i read everything under the sun was blamed for poor production GM,FM,Supvs, foremen chargehand. Bottomline Vic is not credible as he is political associate of the PPP and he has an axe to grind. Bharat need to say why he releived Vic of his position as chairman.
    Ronald Ally i believe has to testify also because under his watch several things had occured.
    The charade goes on.


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