GuyExpo 2014 hailed a success



Expo 2[] – The curtains on GuyExpo 2014 came down on Sunday night and the four- day event which attracted close to 30,000 people each night has been deemed a resounding success by Minister of Tourism (ag) Irfaan Ali.

In summing up the event which also saw 116 foreign exhibiting delegations, Minister Ali said, “GuyExpo 2014 has been a resounding success from many perspectives in terms of the corporate sponsorship and the companies that support this event and the private sector.”

The Minister commended those from the private sector as he noted that they participated unhesitatingly, under a very competitive environment and under significant changes in business circumstances.

“These companies have stood by the event, they have ensured that they budgeted for the sponsorship of the event and we must salute the private sector and the private companies, and the government for their continuous involvement both financially and physically in the planning of GuyExpo.”

Concerning the level of preparation, Minister Ali noted this has tremendously improved, in terms of branding.

In some instances the Minister noted that the local exhibitors underestimated the crowd, and as such were not prepared to deliver to persons interested in the local products.

“Many booths had to be re- stocked. There was an under-estimation in the supplies – the local supermarket and furniture were big hits, Trinidadians are interested in our furniture.”

Nonetheless, the Minister noted that patrons were satisfied with the event overall, moreso the new traffic arrangement and layout of the booths which both allowed for a better flow of traffic and patrons. In addition, ranks of the Guyana Police Force were singled out for exceptional praise since, according to Minister Ali, they did an exceedingly professional job at maintaining order and preserving the ground of GuyExpo.Expo 1

However, as it relates to the entertainment provided to patrons Minster Ali said, “The debate on how much entertainment is too much entertainment, for an expo that brings on one night 30,000 people requires a high degree of entertainment because after the expo persons want to be entertained.”

As such, Minister Ali said the Ministry of Tourism has been able to strike the balance between the level of music, the level of entertainment, the timing of the entertainment and exhibitors.

“I think that all in all GuyExpo has been a tremendous success and many persons including the media they are calling on us, looking at the crowd, to extend it. I always believe on ending on a high and leaving an awe of expectation to come in the next year.”

According to Minister Ali this year’s event saw the largest international delegation with more than 116 buyers, suppliers, and business operatives participating. [Extracted and modified from GINA]



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