Guyanese workers reunite in May Day parade


By Devina Samaroo

Heavy downpours on an early Sunday morning did nothing to stop scores of workers from leaving the comfort of their homes to participate in the historic Labour Day Rally, during which the two main trade union bodies finally put aside their differences and gyrated in one accord through the streets of Georgetown to soca and chutney tunes – a Guyanese pastime.

GTU members along the parade route
GTU members along the parade route

Unity messages were aplenty, with trade union leaders echoing all too familiar sentiments: the need to combine forces and use one resounding voice to call attention to the desperate need for better recognition, value and honour for the working class people in society.

Decked in red, with umbrellas in hand and colourful banners held high, hundreds of workers gathered at Parade Ground where the march commenced, before making their way onto Main Street then onto the Avenue of the Republic, straight into D’urban Street and then all the way to the National Park for the unity rally, where Government Ministers and representatives of the parliamentary Opposition were also present.

Kenneth Joseph, General Secretary of both the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) and the National Association of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE) told the media that it is quite satisfying that there is at last unity among the trade unions.

“This is what we were fighting for all the time. We always knew that the workers of the country were never disunited, there was disunity among the labour leaders… Now the two labour organisations can meet and discuss matters of interest to the entire nation,” he stated.

GAWU workers marching on Sunday
GAWU workers marching on Sunday

Guyana Labour Union (GLU) President Carvil Duncan, whose long serving position has disgruntled some workers, expressed hope of seeing a united movement going forward in addressing workers’ issues and upholding workers’ rights.

Long-standing President of the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) Patrick Yarde noted that Labour Day is an important day in the life of any conscientious worker.

“Labour Day should be a kind of beacon for solidarity of our working people. It is a day when they should all forget differences and strive for the alternative which is unity among working people. Today is also a day when we reflect on the challenges ahead and there are many challenges ahead and we have got to find ways of overcoming them. We believe power resides in the people and the majority of people are workers and therefore the only thing preventing us from ceasing control of our destiny is disunity, which we must correct,” he stated.

Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) President Mark Lytle boasted of his organisation’s contingent being the largest participants in the road march, however, he lamented that despite this fact, teachers are still not being given the priority they deserve.

“We’ve always been a Union that celebrates Labour Day but we are of course disappointed that many of the issues we’ve had haven’t been resolved, but we are confident that with a showing like this today, it will also indicate to our employers and Government that you will have to address our issues,” he posited.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo and Junior Social Protection Minister with responsibility for labour Keith Scott, along with other Government members participated in the parade.




  1. Guyanese workers reunite in May Day parade..
    Yall march yall holler yall yell yall lungs out –politicians just want 2 things from yall– cheap labor and remain silent. yall think yall coming close to what NagaMookree and DavidBundax making anytime soon? Yall think yall getting 1/8 of the perks they make for their living? To hell with yall they say take what we give yall or leave it we will get others to do your job. Well NagaMookree said big wages wipe out corruption..what he didnt tell yall —big wages is not for yall ..parliamentarians only..the nerves of the Prime Moochers and when he talks yall clapping and yall booing Jagdeo and Rohee..yall dont know how dense yall really is…this is why NagaMookree could tell yall what he want yall to hear because he sees yall as stupid.


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