Guyanese who promised Cancer Cure jailed for 10 years in UK



jail[] – A Guyanese woman has been given a 10-year prison sentence in the United Kingdom for scamming several persons out of millions of dollars with promises that she could cure cancer using a tree in the Amazon jungle in Suriname.

Juliette Dโ€™Souza was convicted on 20 counts of obtaining property by deception and three counts of fraud.

Prosecutors say over a 12-year period, Dโ€™Souza used a number of fictitious names to con 11 people into believing she was a spiritual healer who could cure cancer by hanging cash from a sacred tree in the Amazon jungle in Suriname.

It is believed that she collected over one million pounds during the scam, but never made good on her promises and instead used the money to fund an elaborate lifestyle of designer clothing, luxurious houses and first class travel.

In passing sentence on Dโ€™Souza on Friday, May 30, Justice Ian Karsten said it was among the worst case of confidence fraud that he had ever tried. [Jamaica Gleaner]



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