‘Guyanese must work together for the betterment of all’ – Ali



President-Elect Irfaan Ali

The following message was posted by President-Elect, Irfaan Ali, on his Facebook page

This global pandemic has taught us how fragile life is, how insignificant we can be in the wider scheme of things. Singular events can change the entire fate of communities, families and countries.

The pandemic has demonstrated that there is no difference between rich and poor, big and small, powerful and not so powerful.

All lives were equally exposed and we depended on one another to be responsible and do what is right. This is the lesson. This is the way it should be US together doing what is right for the betterment and protection of one another.

If the stronger communities help to lift the weaker ones and the weaker ones help the strong ones to become stronger then we will have a win win and when all of us are winners we will enjoy peace and happiness.

This is the way your Government will work to demonstrate to every Guyanese that we are all winners.